The Giant’s Fall // The Giant’s Fall // EP Review


In 2016, Mikebass decided to begin a new project and those initial jamming sessions became a huge part of the debut album now the ex-Lucky Funeral and Bone To Rust uses the main theme of Talos, an ancient Giant of Greek Mythology to bring this experimental offering to life.

When you take the approach of having the music as the main focus of your sound, you have to make sure that it’s bloody good.

The Giant’s Fall takes on a steady pace, with a good dose of reverb and some brilliant atmospherics, that when all are thrown into a darkened blender, out comes this 5-track EP.

For the full 32 minutes, you are encapsulated in this sonic wonder, with the occasional effect thrown in for good measure and then more guitars appear to take on a different dimension and throw a Doom-style curveball in your direction.

This is a display of genuine craftsmanship by Mikebass who knows their sound, how to play that sound but, more than that, how to make the listener experience what that sound is.

Even when the samples on ‘The Giant King’ welcome in the new track, this really just is another way to express what The Giants Fall want us to experience. The effects behind that sample still display a great amount of imagination and skill which this band clearly have in abundance. The fact that the sample is actually Martin Luther King Jr. and to be able to do this speech justice, you have to be equally as great.

This Blackened Doomy Prog-like EP is for the musical purists who enjoy experiencing different styles and structures.

Those people who enjoy delving into the unknown are never sure what to expect.

To be able to tell a story that people can relate to and want to listen to without that lyrical attachment, for me is the ultimate display.

By taking that leap of faith, you will find a wondrous kaleidoscope of true music and something that will open your mind in a way that you may have never thought possible.


The Giant’s Fall will be To be released in February, 28th of 2023, in 4-Panel Digi CD Format, limited to 100 Copies (50 of them to be accompanied by Embroidered Logo Patch), by FYC Records, along with Merch.

Ed Ford





2.Dark Inside

3.The End of Talos

  1. The Giant King (Include Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech)

5.Hades Calling






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Official Music Video for the Song “Dark Inside” Created by Mick Alexandrakis (Black Screen Graphic Arts) and scheduled to be premiered in February 6th, of 2023.