Desecravity – Anathema – Album Review

Formed in Tokyo in 2007, Japanese band Desecravity began playing shows in 2008 and have shared stages with bands such as Exodus, Aborted, Megadeth, The Black Dahlia Murder and Dying Fetus to name just a few. These heavyweights of Technical Brutal Death Metal are now back, ready to lay waste with their new release.

Jinjer – Micro – EP Review

Following on from the Ukrainians third album King Of Everything which was released 2016, the female fronted heavyweights, Jinjer, are back with a five track EP which is full of their unique blend of Metalcore, ...

Silent Planet – When The End Began – Album Review

Silent Planet are a band who have had to work for everything and needed to motivate and push themselves to be in a position to spread their music. Formed in 2009, arranging and putting on their own tours helped...

Hellions – Rue – Album Review

Hellions continue their flow of releasing albums at a high rate of knots with their fourth album since forming in 2013 and this following the 2016 release of Opera Oblivia, which was nominated for an ARIA award...

Bludgeon – Devoted To Lunacy – Album Review

Brutal Death Metal is something that some bands align themselves to but maybe shouldn’t, however let’s get this clear from the start Bludgeon are as Brutal as they come. Founding members Zach White and Tim Lee...