Enemy of Reality – Greek Symphonic Metal Band Reveal Video For New Track “Downfall”

Enemy of Reality – Greek Symphonic Metal Band Reveal Video For New Track “Downfall”

Greek symphonic metal act Enemy of Reality have recently revealed a music video for a new track titled “Downfall”, off  their third full-length album “Where Truth May Lie”, which was released last Friday, February 24th via Vinyl Store.

Watch the video for “Downfall” here.

The song tells the following story: “One dreadful night, a mother and her daughter were lost into the flames, during their evening prayers; their final praying mutters becoming their eulogy, when the fire of their offering candles sealed their fate. Ashes and piles of coal was what remained of them, when the tragic father returned, the Priest. How ironic to be denied all you ever loved by the same gods you worship. Manic laughs and cries escaped his mouth as he knelt upon the ashes of all he held dear. This funeral pyre burnt out his faith…”

The follow-up to the band’s 2016 second album “Arakhne” is another full concept album, this one based on a fictional story involving a Priest in ancient Greece, who is trying to find an answer for certain tragic events that destroyed his life, while several mythical forest creatures (known from Greek Mythology as Satyrs) claim that the only truth is hidden in music, dance, wine and erotic pleasures. To achieve a unique mix of sounds, the band recorded on several songs parts from certain traditional string instruments, as well as an ancient Greek wind instrument (Avlos), that is seen in various ancient portraits as played by ancient Greeks and mythical creatures.  

If you missed it, watch the video for leading single “Serenade of Death” here.

Having released two full-length albums “Rejected Gods” from 2014 and “Arakhne” from 2016, with both receiving warm and positive reviews from various publications in Europe, Enemy Of Reality is a four-piece band from Athens, Greece, whose sound can be described as melodic and majestic symphonic metal. Featuring soprano Iliana Tsakiraki as their front-woman also known from her participation in “The Great Mass” by Septic Flesh, the band have played with various artists such as Therion, Arch Enemy, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Anathema,Τarja, Saturnus, Leaves Eyes, Tristania, Xandria, etc…