UK Post-Hardcorers NOUVELLE Talk Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

UK post-hardcorers newcomers NOUVELLE have just released their captivating debut single and video, Canvas- With new fans taking to the band, we exclusively asked the guys which tracks have helped to form their engrossing sound:

“Funeral For A Friend – All The Rage 

It was tough to choose a song by this band as they’re a big inspiration of ours, but this song encapsulates a bit of everything they do so well; the main riff is super catchy, with great use of harmonics, whilst the drums behind the riff keep switching up throughout the track to give it a different feel. A highlight is the bridge of the track, with some melancholic guitar leads, great lyrics and delivery and a fantastic transition back to the main riff to finish the track off.

Daniel Shannon

The Devil Wears Prada – Lines of your Hands

I’ve always been a sucker for songs that tell a story, wether it’s rooted in fiction or based on a lived experience. I’ve always admired Mike Hranicas ability to weave a narrative in the space of 4 minutes. Instrumentally, it’s TDWP on top form – the chorus doesn’t rely solely on a catchy chord progression, it’s accentuated by a catchy riff and the synth layers add little micro hooks that really elevate the song!

Liam Browne

Deftones – Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

Deftones as a whole are a big inspiration for our sound, but this song in particular perfectly demonstrates their ability to create such soaring, atmospheric melodies, that can change at any moment into heavy, chaotic riffs and breakdowns. That amazing dichotomy is what we try to capture in our own songs, a feeling of unpredictability and interest

Daniel Jones

Fightstar – Paint Your Target

There are some songs you can never skip, no matter what mood you’re in; this is one of those songs! Everything about the song sounds huge, from the massive chords to the heartfelt, infectious chorus and the heavy breakdown that catches you completely off guard. In just over 3 minutes, Fightstar take you through a little bit of everything. Incredible track.

George Woolley

36 Crazyfists – Destroy the Map

This track has some great dynamics; it starts out with this hook of a bassline and as the chorus kicks in you have singing, screams, heavy guitars, and hard-hitting drums. The juxtaposition of this has been a huge influence of musical direction.


Bondi St Blues – The Amity Affliction

My song choice is Bondi St Blues by The Amity Affliction, and was the song that completely cemented my love for them. As soon as those beautiful guitar melodies chimed in at the start, I was instantly hooked. Then the entire song explodes into a cacophony of emotional screaming and catchy singing. It’s everything that I strive to achieve when I write my own songs. “

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