The Cadillac Three // The Years Go Fast // Album Review


Where has the time gone and how is it the 6th studio album already for the Country Fuzz trio from Nashville?

Having gone through the trials and tribulations that life throws at us all and looking back at everything – this is the soundtrack of all that stuff. That is not to say that TC3 have abandoned that fun style that we all love – far from it.

Opening with ‘Young & Hungry’ which was a song the band knew from the beginning, Jaren inserted the story of him and his wife who met when they were 14-15 in high school and reflect on that time together.

As we progress you will hear that amazing Country Fuzz, Southern Rock that you associate with The Cadillac Three. You are quickly whisked into that world that is whiskey-soaked and drowned in filthy riffs.

‘Comin’ Down From You’ is everything that you will know of TC3 and is just pure class from start to finish. The funk that you may be used to from Tabasco & Sweet Tea flows through ‘The Worst’ as you are almost transported to a place you might expect to see Shaft sat in a dive bar listening to some Southern flavoured Rock.

There are some slower and quite emotionally raw songs on the album, showing a less exposed side of the band, but in many ways shows the more human side of this band. Let’s be honest we may all want constant partying but that’s not life, unfortunately. ‘Love Like War’ is one of these songs and anyone who has been or is in a relationship will be able to apply their personal circumstances to this.

‘Dressed Up To Die’ is a tough listen and explores some deep and emotive areas. This is a song that you won’t enjoy but you can’t help but be blown away and keep listening to it.

However, like life when we get a bit down – we need the off helping hand up and fortunately you are listening to the perfect group to do that and before long you will be up, at the bar toe tapping along and taking another shot of whatever your poison is.

Having followed The Cadillac Three for many years now – this is their most rounded album and whilst we do have subjects that are less associated with them we see a human angle that has never been on display before and I like it. It’s a brave move to make but one that really works and allows The Years Go Fast to be their most accomplished work to date.

The Years Go Fast will be released on Friday 27th October 2023 via Big Machine Records.

THE YEARS GO FAST, Out on 27th October

Ed Ford


Album Art Courtesy of Big Machine Records

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  1. Young & Hungry
  2. Double Wide Grave
  3. Comin’ Down From You
  4. The Worst
  5. Love Like War
  6. The Torch
  7. Dressed Up To Die
  8. Hillbilly
  9. This Town Is A Ghost
  10. Go To Bed Lonely
  11. 4 Chords & The Proof
  12. Pistols On The Levee