The Banishment // Machine And Bone // Album Review


George Lynch’s latest project The Banishment will release its debut album on the 10th of March, teaming up with Joe Haze and Devix Szell to create a monster combination of industrial, punk, techno and rock.

From the first refrains of “Reaction” you know you’re in for a treat; a big ballsy sound that is heavy on reverb that set up Szell’s gritty vocals perfectly, Lynch as always is excellence personified and this is no different there is a smoothness to his guitar that is totally contradictory to what is going on around him adding to the freshness of the song.

“Max Pain” has a grittier feel to it with heavier bass tones and down-tuned guitar, the beat is so hypnotic it’s unreal, add to that Szell’s edgy vocals, with the help of Filter frontman Richard Patrcik, it just to compounds the vibe. “Right” has a massive bassline that lays the foundation for the song that has a more industrial feel than anything else, the vocals are outstanding again and you also have the added pleasure of Prong’s Tommy Victor in your earhole, Lynch as always mesmerises with his guitar work putting a little light in the darkness on this song, this is a killer track. A bluesy riff opens “Lost Horizon” before it disappears down an industrial rabbit hole of distorted riffs and synths, Szell snarls his way through to a backdrop of controlled chaos and Lynch drops a funky bluesy solo towards the end, another great track. With its southern style “The Dread” wouldn’t be amiss on a Lynch Mob album, it’s a nice slow groover with some trademark Lynch riffs and an incredible solo, a nice change of pace that stands out amongst the mayhem. “Reunion” is techier and synthy than any other track but it has a funky mellow vibe that is irresistible.

“Terra Nullius” blows the cobwebs off with a grinding industrial monster that hammers you into submission before sending you on a head trip with a chilled-out breakdown as Lynch lays down some killer riffs and a tasty solo that runs to the end, a great number. A thumping bassline and crunching riffs are the order of the day for “Got What You Wanted” there is an edgy feel to the song and Szell’s vocals seem to be laced with a kind of franticness, there is a cracking solo from Lynch that will blow you away, a great track. The tempo on “Terror” is a little slower, and the beats and guitar riff are really infectious that they burrow into your brain and believe me it will be stuck in your head for days, this is one of the coolest tracks on the album. “Machine And Bone” close the album with a mix of odd tempos, beats and grinding riffs, Szell’s vocals are snarled for the most part which adds to the foreboding atmosphere.


Review: Conor

“Machine And Bone” is out on the 10th of March via Frontiers Music s.r.l.

“Machine And Bone” Tracklisting:

1. Reaction
2. Max Pain ft. Richard Patrick
3. Right ft. Tommy Victor
4. Lost Horizon
5. The Dread ft. Jason Charles Miller
6. Reunion
7. Terra Nullius
8. Got What You Wanted
9. Terror ft. Tommy Victor
10. Machine And Bone

Devix Szell – Vocals
George Lynch – Guitars
Joe Haze – Programming, Synth, Engineer, Mixer

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