Sylosis // A Sign Of Things To Come // Album Review


It is fair to say that Sylosis have previously led the charge for British Metal and just after announcing his departure from his side band Architects, John Middleton announced the new album by his original band Sylosis, claiming that this release would be a “homecoming” and something “special”.

For those somehow unaware of Sylosis, the British metallers released their debut album Conclusion Of An Age in 2008 which was then followed up with Edge Of The Earth in 2011 and Monolith in 2012.

This was then followed by Cycle of Suffering in 2020 and Sylosis are ready to push the boundaries of British Metal yet again having been denied the chance to tour the previous album.

So, what have the pioneers created on this album? Starting off with the basics this album is 10 tracks that span just short of 45 minutes and show exactly why Sylosis are still one of the most impressive and important bands on the scene at this time and not just the British scene.

Erupting into life with ‘Deadwood’ the album sets out its intentions from the start, with blistering drums, slicing guitars that battle with chugging strings and then a brutal vocal, you start to get excited straight away with what this band are unleashing on you.

This excitement continues to build and as ‘Pariahs’ lands, you really understand that this is Sylosis in full flow and genuinely providing that “special” that they have promised.

The modern version of Metal is as good as you are going to hear and when ‘Absent’ slows things down and strips things back, you realise how many layers the band have to their sound and you will find a new level of being impressed.

As the album ramps back up, the aggressive sound returns and sounds huge, as you dodge to avoid the drums that are coming at you like a machine gun and then searing guitar solos like in ‘Eye For An Eye’ you realise just how good this band are and just yearn for more.

This truly is the time for Sylosis and this album is going to prove that to anyone, whether you already believe in the band or are just getting into them. I can’t wait to see them live when they support Malevolence and I look forward to seeing them get the recognition they deserve on the worldwide scene.


A Sign Of Things To Come will be released Friday 8th September 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records.


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Ed Ford




  1. Deadwood 4:24
  2. A Sign Of Things To Come 4:35
  3. Pariahs 3:47
  4. Poison For The Lost 4:19
  5. Descent 4:16
  6. Absent 3:55
  7. Eye For An Eye 4:12
  8. Judas 4:23
  9. Thorns 4:14
  10. A Godless Throne 5:12