Swarf Damage // Swarf Damage // Album Review


When you listen to “Swarf Damage” for the first time you will be blown away by the raw power of it, but on further listens you will marvel at just how good these guys are and the fact that this is only their debut album.

“Kill 2 Survive” opens the album in rip-roaring fashion; a savage riff and drum beat pave the way for Cowley to come snarling in over the top, the tempo is unreal as they tear it up but the real beauty comes midway through when it slows down and the guitars get to work with a nifty solo over some cool riffs, a brilliant track. “Batten Down The Hatches”  continues the onslaught with a killer drum beat that is backed up by a thumping bass line and some bitchin’ riffs, Cowley puts in a shift on vocals as he snarls and roars his way through, an animal of a track. With no sign of letting up they unleash possibly the best track off the album in the form of “Four Minute Warning”; crushing riffs and a kicking beat is what this is all about, a throwback to the heady days of the late 80s early 90’s of, this one is relentless and will have you bouncing all over the place, Cowley ups his game big time on this one, while Blake and Harris trade riffs and solos that are not what you’d expect on an album like this as Duffy and Wade keep the pounding beats going, a fucking monster track. “Sin Eater” comes in full steam, a little heavier than the others highlighting the sinister feel to the track, unrelenting with a touch of Slayer and Discharge, a great track with some amazing guitars. “Doom Or Be Doomed” is a balls-out, full-throttle track that kicks you right in the face, the breakdown around the chorus is cool and has a groovy beat, heavy on the riffage this is crossover at its finest. “Cull Of The Red Light Queens” is a speed demon that comes at you from the start with cutting riffs and a blistering drum beat, the power of Cowley’s vocals is immense as he seems to grow in stature with each track, the hypnotic groove on this one will enthral you, another beast of a track. “Decayed” vies for track of the album with it’s smash-mouth all-out sonic assault; between the crashing drums, rumbling bass, stunning guitar work and Cowley roaring throughout you feel like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards and only just survived, this track is the reason why we love this music. The album closes with the dark and heavy “Father”, down-tuned slightly to give it a bigger punch, the crushing riffs and relentless drum beat drive the track while Cowley snarls his way through so much so that you can feel the vitriol dripping from the lyrics, a massive track to close an outstanding album.

These lads have seriously mastered the art of crossover with their savage blend of thrash, punk and hardcore all for our listening pleasure

“Swarf Damage” is out on the 8th of December, so do not miss this.


Pre-order your copy of Swarf Damage now from: https://swarfdamage.bandcamp.com/album/swarf-damage



Swarf Damage are:

Michael Vincent Cowley Vocals

Keith Harris Guitar  

Andrew Scott Blake Guitar

Brian Duffy Drums

Dan Wade Bass