Suicide Silence // The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) // Album Review


Deathcore hasn’t been as popular as it currently is in 2022.

Bands like Lorna Shore, Angelmaker & Shadow Of Intent are riding the wave of the current appreciation of the genre.

So it’s crazy to think that fifteen years ago the genre was still in its infancy.

2007 was the year that bands like Suicide Silence started to break into the mainstream, But one thing those bands were missing was “The Cleansing”.

Now the blueprint for the entire deathcore genre “The Cleansing” is now a classic in the majority of deathcore & Suicide Silence fans’ eyes.

As a celebration of this milestone in the band’s career & a perfect deathcore album, the band is releasing “The Cleansing” (Ultimate Edition).

Featuring the whole “The Cleansing” album & a shed load of unreleased tracks & a live set recorded in Paris this release is filled to the brim.

Getting the chance to revisit the album just shows how ahead of the curve Suicide Silence was. Writing masterpieces like Unanswered, The Price Of Beauty & No Pity For A Coward shows the calibre of musicians SS had at the time of the recording.

Now some of the most legendary tracks in the genre are often copied but never truly reach the perfectly crafted sonic brilliance “The Cleansing” did.

The addition of some older tracks like “A Dead Current” & “Swarm” shows the infancy of Suicide Silence before writing the album but even these early tracks show how technically brilliant they were as songwriters.

The last highlight of the release is the live show in Paris.

A stellar setlist featuring many tracks from the album shows you what an untouchable force the band were live. Hearing Mitch’s monster-like vocal talent recording live is a rare thing but shows how unstoppable as a frontman he was.

If anything this edition is a great way to celebrate Mitch’s legacy & the impact he left behind!

The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) is a perfect way to celebrate a new landmark album within the deathcore genre.

Cementing Suicide Silence as the titans they are now & the kings of deathcore!

Joseph Mitchell

The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) is out via Century Media Records on 24th June 2022

   Revelations (Intro) 0:33
   Unanswered 2:16
   Hands Of A Killer 4:14
   The Price of Beauty 2:46
   The Fallen 4:07
   No Pity For A Coward 3:12
   The Disease 4:23
   Bludgeoned To Death 2:34
   Girl Of Glass 2:52
   In A Photograph 4:32
   Eyes Sewn Shut 2:59
   Green Monster 5:45
   Destruction Of A Statue 3:44
   A Dead Current 3:38
   Swarm 3:50
   Engine No. 9 3:26
   Unanswered (Live In Paris) 2:37
   Bludgeoned To Death (Live In Paris) 2:58
   The Price Of Beauty (Live In Paris) 3:24
   Swarm (Live In Paris) 2:17
   No Pity For A Coward (Live In Paris) 3:13
   Green Monster (Live In Paris) 3:38
   The Fallen (Live In Paris) 2:55
   Destruction Of A Statue (Live In Paris) 4:10
   Hands of a Killer (Instrumental Rehearsal T… 2:03
   In a Photograph (Instrumental Rehearsal Tap… 3:52
   The Fallen (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes) 3:34
   Untitled (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes) 3:03