STONER // ‘Totally’ // Album Review


Storming straight outta the desert with their third album in a record-breaking 2 years, Stoner’s plain and simply titled album ‘Totally’ is released on Heavy Psych Sounds Records on 6th May.  And it’s as fresh as the pepperoni pizza on the cover and you know you wanna slice.

Former Kyuss members Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork joined forces with Ryan Gut in 2020 and dragged a whole lotta rock n roll experience with them. They’ve been living and breathing this stoner rock vibe for some decades now and want nothing more than to get together and party with instruments in hand.

Expect sludgy basslines, distorted hazy riffs and driving drums – this album has got a lot to offer its listeners. Anyone that’s already heard Oliveri’s vocals knows that no matter what they sound like, they’re an important feature in any track he’s involved with.  Honest, tenacious and stark, they form a seamless permutation with the smoother vocals Bjork portrays on this album.

‘Party March’ is a classic example and the first track on the album which sees Oliveri domineeringly hurling the lyrics from the onset with Bjork providing the reverb.  As the psychedelic sound of his guitar lays down a thick riff, drummer Gut keeps the marching beat steady throughout as ‘party’ and ‘march’ are collectively hollered until the very end.  A top track to set the record straight and put you in the picture for what’s to follow.

As a relatively short album with just 8 tracks to smack your eardrums with, there has to be one that’s as titanic as Trump’s hairpiece.  In this case, it’s ‘Space Dude & The Burn’, which is split into three mighty morsels to get your chops around and digest.  Once again, Oliveri takes over with the main vocals as Bjork backs up with long and glutinous strums on the guitar. Then it comes to a grinding halt.  The end.

‘Stoner Theme’ on the other hand is a short and shuffling couple of minutes. Stumbling tom-toms start the track with the reprising lyric ‘Stoner’ called at whoever the ‘god damn goofball’ is that swaggers across Oliveri’s lawn. Fucking weirdo. Class track though.

As Desert rock goes, a large chunk of the album lends itself to a laid-back groove, intoxicating and frenetic guitar riffs and bluesy vocals. Oliveri, Bjork and Gut have added a few touches of their own that make their sound idiosyncratic. The contrasting vocals, fitful tempos and the undeniable traits of Kyuss have certainly made this album TOTALLY rad.

‘In yer face’ lyrics, beers and full-on partying – what’s not to like? Sit down, listen and trip out.


Review: Emma Painter


Album Release: May 6, 2022 – Heavy Psych Sounds Records

 1. Stoner – Party March
 2. Stoner – A Million Beers
 3. Stoner – Strawberry Creek (Dirty Feet)
 4. Stoner – Space Dude & The Burn
 5. Stoner – Stöner Theme
 6. Stoner – Turn it Around Now
 7. Stoner – Driving Miss Lazy
 8. Stoner – Great American Sage


We caught up with Nick & Ryan in Belfast recently to talk about life after the pandemic & the new album: check it out here:

Stöner is:

Brant Bjork – Guitars/Vocals Nick Oliveri – Bass/Vocals Ryan Güt – Drums

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STONER // ‘Totally’ // Album Review