SETYØURSAILS // Bad Blood // Album Review


German modern metalcore upstarts SETYØURSAILS return following their debut album Nightfall in 2022.  SETYØURSAILS have been trailblazing over the past few years carving out a serious reputation as one of the bands to watch coming through the bloodthirsty Metalcore scene.

Their new release Bad Blood, scheduled for release on April 12, 2024, via Napalm Records will no doubt further cement that reputation with a collection of ten solid tracks. The fusion between band members and Adrian Estrella on the album’s opening track ‘Bad Blood’ sets the stall for a fast and furious album packed with delicious riffage and killer vocals from the off. ‘Best Of Me’ with its slamming guitars, thick nasty tones and glorious production grabs your attention and Jules vocals cut through to have you screaming along in no time, the album ebbs and flows beautifully keeping you on the edge of your seat with a collection of hard-hitting yet melodic beauties, Jules Mitch’s vocals offering an easy on the ear balance against the violent distortion and slamming backline.

All tracks are relatively succinct and fly by you in no time at all, not a bad thing considering Gen Z have the concentration span of a goldfish, but equally it means you fly through these tracks in no time will be reaching for repeat to enjoy them all over again real soon, again I do have to shout out to the guys in production as the album sounds massive! I am enjoying it on a MacBook and the sound is just huge, I would say these guys and gal will transfer this all majestically when live, so I can imagine it will pack a real punch in the flesh.

If you are looking for a band of real quality in a heavily saturated genre then you do have to check out SETYØURSAILS.

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Bad Blood, lands on April 12, 2024, via Napalm Records and is well worth your hard-earned money. Keep your eyes out also for these crazy kids hitting the road from April 12th also, dates below:


Bad Blood tracklist:
01. Bad Blood
02. Best Of Me
03. T.F.M.F.
04. Halo
05. Lately
06. Dangerous
07. Bad Company
08. In My Head
09. Heart Attack
10. Eternally


Bad Blood will be available in the following formats:
  • 1 LP Gatefold Pink/Black Marbled
  • 1 CD Digisleeve
  • Digital Album
[1 LP Gatefold Pink/Black Marbled]
Jumping right into the pit with hard-hitting single “Bad Blood”SETYØURSAILS teams up with Zebrahead’s vocalist Adrian Estrella and showcases no mercy as buzzing guitar lines underlined by modern electronic melodies and energetic screams build up an unstoppable energy, soon topped by a top-notch intense breakdown. Followed by the former standalone single “Best of Me” alongside an official music video, it represents the new chapter of the unit and pushes the boundaries of different genres while vocalist Jules Mitch skillfully unites both beautifully melodic and fiercely heavy passages. With “Heart Attack”SETYØURSAILS lyrically share their softer side by addressing personal conflicts and mental health concerns, and wrap the songs in a strikingly melodic atmosphere.
SETYØURSAILS live 2024: Unite & Conquer
w/ Rising Insane
12.04.24 DE – Leipzig / Naumanns – Sold Out!
13.04.24 DE – Oldenburg / Amadeus – Sold Out!
14.04.24 DE – Berlin / Cassiopeia
19.04.24 DE – Rostock / M.A.U. Club
20.04.24 DE – Münster / Sputnik Cafe
21.04.24 DE – Cologne / Gebäude 9
10.05.24 DE – Hamburg / Headcrash
11.05.24 DE – Hanover / Bei Chéz Heinz
12.05.24 DE – Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
17.05.24 DE – Munich / Feierwerk
18.05.24 DE – Karlsruhe / Die Stadtmitte
19.05.24 DE – Nuremberg / Z-BauFestivals 2024:
27.04.24 DE – Schapen / MoshnMay
03.05.24 AT – Bruck/Mur / Mosh the Theatre
05.05.24 IT – Bruneck / Archetype Festival
29.06.24 DE – Feuchtwangen / Moos Meadow Festival
13.07.24 DE – Stapelmoor / Free For All Festival
18. -21.07.24 DE – Nordholz / Deichbrand Festival
20.07.24 DE – Weil am Rhein / Baden in Blut Festival
10.08.24 DE – Georgsmarinehütte / Hütte Rockt Festival
11.08.24 DE – Eschwege / OpenflairGet your tickets here:

Jules Mitch – vocals, songwriting
André Alves – guitar, songwriting
Henrik Kellershohn – drums
Nicolai Hoch – bassSETYØURSAILS online:
Napalm Records