Seattle’s GITHYANKI Shares “Spanish Fly” Video (Fudge Tunnel Cover) Off ‘Rollin The Dice’ LP

Seattle’s GITHYANKI Shares “Spanish Fly” Video (Fudge Tunnel Cover) Off ‘Rollin The Dice’ LP

Crawling out of deep contemplation in the corners of Seattle, Washington, Githyanki was formed in 2014. Mind-melding heavy grunge and noise rocking punk-metal trio comprised of former members of the bands Android Hero, Slave Traitor, and Alternative Tentacles alumni BloodHag. The three share a love for Pacific Northwest legends like TAD and Melvins, as well as the unique sonic density of Helmet, Crowbar, and Whores., and from that passionate appreciation, Githyanki put together their original debut, a self-titled EP in 2015.

Performing at shows in the PNW to promote the debut generated fresh ideas and Githyanki soon released their second EP on 7” vinyl in 2018. The EP, Beyond the Veil, featured art by famed fantasy artist Brian Snoddy and showed the band’s growth, cementing the sound they strove to put forth. Alas, Chaos thrashed its limbs – after recording the Soundgarden cover Hand of God in 2019, Githyanki‘s guitarist broke his leg and collarbone in a freak hailstorm while riding his Vespa.

By the time he healed up, the coronavirus was bearing down. Stuck in lockdown with only guitars, amps, and drums to console them, Githyanki knuckled down and wrote, recorded, and prepared their first full-length album. After a successful live show to mark the end of this first phase of the pandemic, Githyanki prepared a return from the astral plane to deliver the new document of their lived truth.

The new album, Rollin’ The Dice, features the first fully realized version of the band, with hints of sounds to come from the future. With this release, Githyanki leaned heavily into their shared nerdy background of role-playing games (a githyanki is a D&D monster featured in the Fiend Folio), comic books, and dystopian nightmares.

Rollin’ The Dice Tracklist:
01. Plague Beard
02. Isolationists
03. Rollin’ The Dice
04. They Live 2021
05. The Reliquary
06. Spanish Fly (Fudge Tunnel cover)
07. End Of The World
08. Starcrusher
09. Tower Of Conviction
10. Go Forth & KILL!
11. Range Of Time
12. The River

Released just this past March, the Rollin’ The Dice album features amazing artwork by local Seattle artist Moises Pimentel and was recorded and mixed by “Shirtless” Jeff McNulty, with mastering by Phil Petrocelli.

Today, Githyanki shares their new video for the single “Spanish Fly“, a cover of the track by the legendary UK band Fudge Tunnel. Although “Spanish Fly” is featured on their record ‘Rollin’ the Dice, this video version was performed, shot, and recorded live in Githyanki’s practice space during the depths of the pandemic. The band relayed some details about the song:

“‘Spanish Fly’ is a cover of one of our favorite Fudge Tunnel tracks. The song’s lyrics portray British douchebags bragging about how they drugged women (“condoms for the boys/rape alarms for the ladies/doesn’t that just fucking say it all?”). It’s disgusting how the theme is still relevant today, especially considering Bill Cosby’s obsession with Spanish Fly in his comedy.

It was wrong then and it’s still wrong, obviously. What’s not wrong is how damn heavy this track is and how fun it was to make our own.”

Order ‘Rollin’ The Dice’ now:
Spanish Fly” (Fudge Tunnel Cover) LIVE –

This video was shot and recorded LIVE in the band’s practice space in March of 2021. Camera by Brandon Reese of Reese Imaging, additional cameras run by Cody Lane and Cheryl Ediss. Video edited by Black State Productions. Audio recorded, mixed, and mastered by “Shirtless” Jeff McNulty of the Pachinko Parlour, Seattle, Washington.

Also check out the Official Video for “Tower Of Conviction”