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[London, UK] – Landing in the wake of the announcement of Lava La Rue’s eagerly awaited debut album, ‘STARFACE’ this Summer, new single “Humanity” is their most vulnerable offering yet. Following a very literal experience of losing a friendship to addiction, the song is also steeped in positivity; reframing a difficult time with sentiments of hope – a reminder not to give up on humanity, even when you feel humanity has given up on you.

The single lands alongside a candid live video; Lava La Rue’s first ever performance of the track at Biig Piig’s Gaza Aid Benefit earlier this year, montaged between fan submitted-home videos of what humanity looks like to them. With this “Humanity” and the accompanying visual, Lava aims to spark hope and change:

This might be the most vulnerable I’ve ever been on a song. The verses follow a very literal experience about losing a friendship to addiction, but every time the chorus hits, it evolves into a response/reminder to not give up on humanity even when you feel like humanity has given up on you. 


It’s about cherishing the everyday moments/connections that let you know that there is just as much light as there is dark…and using those moments to restore your energy so you have the will to keep fighting for what you believe in. 


The most radical thing we can do right now is to keep giving a fuck. To keep pointing out all the good stuff amongst the bad. People on both sides try and make us feel futile by preaching about peace and love but if we don’t – who will? I guarantee the hope that “things can get better – how can I make this happen” will get us further that “it’s all fucked” The most radical thing is to keep loving.”

“Humanity” arrives after the incredible “Push N Shuv” – a culmination of Lava La Rue’s remarkable journey, marked by a fusion of genres, unapologetic self-expression, and a unique sonic identity.

‘STARFACE’ is a conceptual psychedelic sci-fi romance album, centered around the narrative of an eponymous gender-fluid musical space alien sent to planet Earth to study the reasons why humans are so self-destructive. This thematic exploration adds an intriguing layer to the album, promising listeners an immersive experience that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional music storytelling.

‘STARFACE’ is scheduled for release this Summer. As Lava La Rue’s debut LP, it is undoubtedly set to make a significant impact on the music landscape, solidifying their status as an ever-growing artist to watch in 2024.



  1. A Star Journey Begins…
  2. Better ft Cuco
  3. Manifestation Manifesto
  4. Push N Shuv
  5. STARFACE’s Descent ft tendai
  6. Aerial Head
  7. Poison Cookie ft Audrey Nuna
  8. Friendship’s Death (1987)
  9. FLUORESCENT / Beyond Space ft NiNE8 & Feux
  12. CHANGE
  13. Humanity
  14. Second Hand Sadness ft yunè pinku
  15. Shell Of You
  16. Sandown Beach
  17. Celestial Destiny ft bb sway

More on Lava La Rue:

A defining talent on London’s music scene – and a founding member of NiNE8 Collective – West Lon- don native Lava La Rue is a true creative powerhouse. Equally recognised for their artistic vision, Lava’s directorial work has ended up with them being co-signed by the Tate Modern, heading talks at the BFI and creatively directing a Live TV performance for the 2023 Brit Awards. Since their 2018 online debut performing single “Widdit” on Colors Berlin they’ve released four critical- ly-acclaimed EPs, each navigating their upbringing and influences that range from Gorillaz to the Clash and David Bowie. In 2022 with the genre bending “Hi Fidelity EP” Lava began transforming their sound into something more guitar driven, a transitional project that features collaborations with Foster The People’s Isom Innis and Biig Piig. “I wanted to drop one last project that acts as the bridge between the Lava that debuted, the one everyone knows, and the person I’m becoming,” they ex- plained, and this year they’re finally fully diving into a blend of alternative indie and psychedelic rock; binding together a generation of listeners who’ve long sought something queer and gear shifting in that space. Lava La Rue’s long awaited debut album STARFACE is an epic Sci-Fi inspired adventure that at its lyrical core is concerned about what makes us human. Exploring various genre influences from funk, to dance, to alt rock, and featuring collaborations from Cuco, Audrey Nuna, tendai, and more, Lava La Rue has marked their arrival, with their eyes set on world domination.

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