poptropicaslutz! Shares ‘Face For The Radio/Voice For A Silent Film (Deluxe)’



Today, New York-raised, LA-based alt pop duo poptropicaslutz! share Face For The Radio/Voice For A Silent Film (Deluxe), the expanded version of last fall’s debut record, Face For The Radio, that now includes six additional tracks. Listen to it in full below.

Listen: https://poptropicaslutz.ffm.to/facefortheradiodlx 

“Having a ‘face for the radio’ has historically described those better fit for something else…Those set up for success, but not in their own lane. At times, that’s been us, but not anymore,” members Nick Crawford and Christian Cicilia reflect. Gutsy and playful, the record is poptropicaslutz! finding their way to this realization. “There’s a particular charm present,” Ones To Watch says of Face For The Radio“that shows off what the duo does best – writing complex and dynamic pop songs best visualized as colorful mosaic paintings of sound.” 

Face For The Radio/Voice For A Silent Film (Deluxe) reinforces the sonic and thematic cohesion of their debut, interweaving their masterful wordplay, innuendos and imagery with themes like love and loss, the underbelly of success, and the sacrifices one is willing to make to achieve it. Laced through the duo’s infectious melodies and beats are glitchy embellishments courtesy of in-demand producer kodeblooded (Chri$tian Gate$, Sueco, Charlotte Sands), injecting the record with an electric edge. Their most representative body of work to date, Face For The Radio/Voice For A Silent Film (Deluxe) is the result of Crawford and Cicilia’s approach to collaboration. Inspired by Y2K pop stardom, indie sleaze, pop-punk, Soundcloud’s rap era, and more, “We chose the songs that collectively covered the most of our various influences,” they explain. “We didn’t want to make a project with one singular style, but rather an amalgamation of everything we do best.”  

Fresh off their tour with Waterparks which saw them playing to their biggest crowds to date in 4,000 cap venues, poptropicaslutz! refuses to slow down. The new tracks “bridge the gap between Face For The Radio and what’s coming after,” they tease. With over 2 million monthly streams and regular appearances on editorial playlists like Spotify’s New NoiseAll New RockAll New PunkVarsity Bars and more, poptropicaslutz! are growing in audience and confidence, sure to retain their status as a burgeoning alt-pop force in 2024.

poptropicaslutz! by Bryce Glenn


Face For The Radio/Voice For A Silent Film (Deluxe) Tracklist 

1.    Falling Apart In Halftime
2.    Upside Down (w/ PmBata)
3.    What Would You Do to Get Ahead(line)?
4.    Where The Wind Blows
5.    Strawberry Sorbet
6.    Bittersweet Teeth
7.    True Colors
8.    Sierra Echo X-Ray
9.    Catastrophe (w/ Magnolia Park)
10.    Wind Back
11.    A Flair For Conclusions, Yet She’ll Never Be Swan Queen
12.    Clandestine Meetings
13.    Claymore
14.    Addiction/Prescription
15.    Two To Tango (w/ aldrch)
16.    Guestlist’r
17.    Lovers In Arms

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