Lil Lotus Shares ‘Nosebleeder (Deluxe)’ Out Now Via Epitaph Records

Lil Lotus Shares ‘Nosebleeder (Deluxe)

Out Now Via Epitaph Records

Lotus has channeled his inner darkness to take his music far beyond the Sad Boy tropes that characterized his early work.” – Kerrang! 

a modern twist on unabashedly glossy late 2000s-style pop punk.” – BrooklynVegan 

Lil Lotus is rewriting the emo playbook and there are no rules” – Alternative Press 

LA-based artist Lil Lotus unveils ‘Nosebleeder (Deluxe)’ today, the extension of his 2023 sophomore album that has reached 4 Million streams since its release last December. In addition to four stripped-down versions of songs from the original album, including fan favorite “Blame Me For Everything” featuring Mod Sun, Lotus tackles a cinematic rendition of “Take The Wheel” by Lil Uzi Vert to “transcend the typical sonic expectations of a pop punk record” according to idobi.

LISTEN TO ‘Nosebleeder (Deluxe)’ HERE

Believed to signify a lack of self-control or an indication of a spiritual awakening, according to Lotus, life has largely felt like a giant nosebleed. Constantly feeling drained by the people around him, solitude, or his internal demons, he took the concept into his sophomore record to generate vulnerable songwriting that tackles themes of addiction, mental health and navigates the complexities of his relationships.

The follow up to his full-length debut ERRØR BØY (2021, Epitaph), Nosebleeder (Deluxe) marks a new era for Lil Lotus. Fully stepping into his role as a pioneer of a new generation of pop-punk, he enlists collaborators across the sphere of alternative music such as Mod SunSophie PowersAlexis Munroe and kennedyxoxo, while tapping in producers Matt Malpass (Blink 182, Travis Barker, MGK, nothing,nowhere.) and Mike Pepe (Taking Back Sunday, Charlotte Sands).

Known for blending diaristic lyrics, upbeat melodies, and trap production throughout his genre-defying music career, Lil Lotus’s streaming footprint has grown rapidly with 1.7 Million streams racked up in January alone and over 90 million catalog streams to date. His distinct vocal style and unconventional ear has been recognized by the likes of KerrangBrooklynVeganAlternative Press, Apple Radio 1 with Travis Mills, BBC Radio 1 and Lyrical Lemonade, cited by the latter as “one of the most entertaining artists in the world”.

Nosebleeder (Deluxe) Tracklisting

  1. blame me for everything ft. Mod Sun

  2. how’s it feel to feel nothing

  3. nosebleeder

  4. stockholm syndrome ft. sace6

  5. what a time to be alive ft. Luke holland

  6. ghost ft. alexis munroe

  7. missouri

  8. millionaire ft. kennedyxoxo

  9. she’s a vampire

  10. halley’s comet

  11. play dead

  12. everything you hate about me

  13. when life gives you lemons ft. sophie powers

  14. shooting star

  15. blame me for everything (acoustic) ft. Mod Sun

  16. nosebleeder (acoustic)

  17. missouri (acoustic)

  18. shooting star (acoustic)

  19. grab the wheel (Lil Uzi Vert cover)

Lil Lotus by Mallory Turner

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