Spaced release new album, This Is All We Ever Get, on Revelation Records

Spaced release new album, This Is All We Ever Get,

on Revelation Records

Photo Credit: Andrew Behrens

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WATCH: “Landslide”
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“One of the most anticipated hardcore albums of the year.” Revolver

“The album is packed to the rafters with bouncy rhythms, irresistible melodies, and plenty parts to mosh to.”No Echo

“An eight-track record that places the band on the level of some of Rev’s most iconic groups.” The Alternative

“A debut to soundtrack your own defiance.”Distorted Sound

“By far the catchiest songs Spaced have written yet.”BrooklynVegan

Today, Buffalo, NY based hardcore band Spaced share their new album, This Is All We Ever Get, out through Revelation Records. Across the record, Spaced live up to their name, blending hardcore with out of this world sounds to create an explosive and hallucinogenic landscape. Working with Jay Zubricky (Mindforce, Terror) at GCR Audio in Buffalo, NY, Spaced knocked out recording over a few days in May 2023 and sent the album off for mastering with Will Killingsworth (Orchid) at Dead Air Studios. The eight tracks on This Is All We Ever Get are enthralling and dynamic, with the longest run time hitting two minutes and thirty seconds.

Opener “Landslide” leads with a huge bounce, as vocalist Lexi Reyngoudt’s shouty approach drives off the band’s circling rhythms primed for side-to-side mosh. As the album continues, punchy tracks lay between rich textures, like on the run from instrumental “AIATB” to the powerful “Rat Race.” Dizzying riffs and distortion highlight “Cosmic Groove” as the crushing chant of “I need I need I need I need, I need something to set me free. I know I know I know I know, I’m feeling stuck inside your world,” hold as an anthem for the record. The band’s range shines on closer “Running Man,” providing an impassioned delivery centered on breaking out of the mindset of feeling stuck. And while the band’s lyrics may focus on inner-struggles, their outward trajectory is continuing to ascend.

Spaced has been able to take their high-energy live show across North America and Europe, performing alongside bands like The Armed, Militarie Gun, Snapcase, Gel, and Spy. They will head across the pond for a UK headline run starting March 28th with Shooting Daggers, Clobber, and Uncertainty on select dates, routing below.

Ringing true to the title of This Is All We Ever Get, Spaced have hit the ground running on their own terms to make 2024 their year. The band stresses, “We want to continue to express the importance of being ourselves and tell the listener to either get with it or get out.”

This Is All We Ever Get is available now through Revelation Records.

Spaced is Lexi Reyngoudt (vocals), Joe Morganti (guitar), Donny Arthur (guitar), John Vaughan (bass) and Dan McCormick (drums).

This Is All We Ever Get Tracklist:

1. Landslide

2. Big Picture

3. Downfall


5. Rat Race

6. The Difference

7. Cosmic Groove

8. Running Man

Tour Dates:

w/ Shooting Daggers+, Clobber^, Uncertainty*

3/28 Newcastle @ The Lubber Fiend +

3/29 Manchester @ Manchester Punk Fest +

3/30 Bristol @ Rough Trade +*

3/31 Southampton @ The Hobbit+^

4/1 Brighton @ The Hope and Ruin + ^

4/2 London@ New CrossInn +^

4/3 Birmingham @ Dead Wax *

4/4 Glasgow @ The Hug and Pint *

4/5 Nottingham @ Billy Bootleggers *

4/6 Huddersfield @ Parish*