Barbarians of California (Feat. AWOLNATION, Tinfed) Shares “Far Out, Bro”



The West Coast’s contribution to hardcore punk is undeniable. That tradition of aggression, passion, and scrappy melodicism continues with The Barbarians Of California, an engaging new manifestation of iconoclastic spirit and true bombast. They are equal opportunity iconoclasts, gleefully thrashing the left and the right in the hardcore-punk tradition of nonconformity and raw fury. The band isn’t “political,” because they aren’t advocating for anyone’s platform. The central message is defiance.

The band has shared the video for its latest single, “Far Out, Bro” (Featuring Daryl Taberski of Snapcase). Watch it here. It also premiered over at Revolver. The song will be live on DSPs tonight at midnight ET.

Be forewarned, though! It’s a racer that will tear your head clean off your neck with its speed, ferocity, and DGAF attitude. Oh, and there’s also a monster breakdown.

“This was a fun piece of music to chase down,” says Eric Stenman. “Aaron [Bruno] challenged the band to come up with our fastest song yet. We’re really proud of the way the riffs swarm around some of Aaron’s most sarcastic, cutting vocals.  We were always hoping to have Daryl(Taberski from Snapcase on a song, and he immediately took this one. Both Aaron and I have vivid memories of listening to Snapcase back in the ’90s and his presence really helps to drive this project home.”

“Far Out, Bro” follows  “Where Are the Punks,” out now via ONErpm. Watch the video here.

So, who, exactly, are The Barbarians of California?

You’ll be glad you asked.

Eric Stenman and Aaron Bruno first collided in the California hardcore scene of the early ’90s. Stenman cut his teeth in the same Sacramento community that eventually launched diverse and disparate acts like Deftones, Far, Will Haven, Team Sleep, Hella, Dance Gavin Dance, Death Grips, and Trash Talk. Bruno was born and raised just north of L.A. and nicknamed “AWOL” by his high school friends.  Eric played guitar for cutting-edge, electro-infused rockers Tinfed. Commercial success eluded them despite a cult following, a deal with a major label, and an appearance on the M:I 2 soundtrack.

Bruno co-founded the hardcore band Insurgence as a teenager. His next band, Home Town Hero, toured with Weezer and Stone Temple Pilots and released a major label album, but combusted in 2004. Next came Under The Influence Of Giants, who, despite critical acclaim, disbanded in 2008. Stenman became one of the most sought-after producers of alternative rock. His discography as a producer, mixer, and engineer includes important releases from 7 Seconds, Senses Fail, ††† (Crosses), and AWOLNATION. AWOLNATION, of course, is the multi-platinum act Bruno formed in 2009.

The spirit of the underground and the personal catharsis delivered through metallic hardcore never left either of them. So, when Aaron learned that Eric crafted a batch of throwback bangers combining impassioned angst with modern sensibilities, he wanted in immediately. The Barbarians were born.

The apparent “full circle” moment isn’t lost on either of them. “It’s a funny time in our lives to go back and make the most aggressive music we’ve ever created,” Stenman laughs. “Both of us have always had a love for this world. If given the opportunity, why not try to give back to it?”

The band previously shared “Dopamine Prophecy.” Listen here.

More from The Barbarians of California is on the horizon, so stay tuned…

…but in the meantime, check out Bruno on the 100 Words or Less podcast here.