Scar Symmetry // The Singularity Phase II – Xenotaph // Album Review


As Scar Symmetry approach its 20th year as a band, the 2nd part of a trilogy that began in 2014 is about to land.

Having formed in 2004 with the plan of making a new type of Death Metal – one without boundaries, the band wasted no time in putting together their demo of the song ‘Seeds of Rebellion’ leading to landing their first record deal.

It didn’t take long for the debut full-length album to land, as 2005 saw the emergence of Symmetric in Design.  With a few line-up changes along the way the aforementioned first part of this trilogy ”The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)” was released 9 years ago yet after a pandemic-enforced break Scar Symmetry are back and ready to push on.

For those unaware of Scar Symmetry, the Swedish Death Metal band combine outrageously huge synths with genuine Death Metal growling and souring clean vocals that fluctuate between balancing each other out and clashing.

As the album erupts you are stunned by the sheer brutality of the sound before the melodies begin to make and appear with the force of some of the best Power Metal music you are likely to hear. When you throw in stunning riffs, this is the combination of some of the best subgenres all blended together to create a unique and unpredictable sound.

As the album progresses you find yourself screaming and violently moving along with the blistering heaviness and then the next thing you know you’re emptying your lungs along with some huge vocals as you look to the skies. Between the power stance and belting the lyrics out, you have an album that ticks every box for any metal fan in all its forms.

The cohesion between all the tracks makes it feel like a concept album and something you get engrossed in and feel like a story is being expressed through the music. This progressive approach has allowed Scar Symmetry to explore new horizons and push through the boundaries that most wouldn’t even consider.

Whether you are a fan of Extreme Metal, Prog or Melodic there is something in this 11-track, 58-minute album and most importantly – that something you will find is something you are likely to want to keep listening it over and over.

For a band that has had so long away and some drastic changes in line up – The Singularity Phase II – Xenotaph is a great way to return.

The Singularity Phase II – Xenotaph will be released Friday, June 9th 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Ed Ford




  1. Chrononautilus 5:04
    2. Scorched Quadrant 5:05
    3. Overworld 3:51
    4. Altergeist 6:12
    5. Reichsfall 5:15
    6. Digiphrenia Dawn 5:32
    7. Hyperborean Plains 5:07
    8. Gridworm 5:06
    9. A Voyage With Tailed Meteors 4:55 10. Soulscanner 4:07
    11. Xenotaph 7:51


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