Saudi Melo-Death IMMORTAL PAIN Make A Triumphant Return With New Single “Unhealed”

Immortal Pain, from Saudi Arabia, have been together since 2005, ripping up local stages with their take on melodic death metal. It has been a long time since they released music, but they are breaking their silence with a stand-alone single “Unhealed” via label Wall of Sound Dark Mode. The band firmly believes listeners will love this single as it will deliver an all-new original track that resembles the classic Immortal Pain vibes and energy with a modernized sound. They share the listener experience that fans can expect:

“They will be experiencing a deeply emotional story, musically speaking, with some old-school melodic death metal sounds, catchy riffs, inspirational lyrics, and limitless feelings. This will also be our first official single after releasing the original 2007 demo tracks EP “Origin Demoes” in 2021.”

“Unhealed” is a straightforward, deep track that offers motivating energy and amazing melodies. Over the years, the sound of Immortal Pain has definitely developed, as they have matured musically. They have been playing together for over a decade, and the chemistry is apparent. They continue to experiment with different sounds and techniques, but they don’t stray too far from the classic sound and style that they have become known for.

Immortal Pain’s live shows are packed with energetic, exciting fun as they consider each gig to be a celebration with their fans in a mutual love for music. They always give a 110% on the music and fan experience, as it is what they deserve. Along with playing live gigs this year, Immortal Pain will also be working on a number of singles, so fans can expect a lot more noise from the group.

Immortal Pain is powerful and melodic, adding an edge to typical melodic death metal. They incorporate personal themes to drive home the passion and emotion even more. They are recommended for fans of Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Arch Enemy.

The single ‘Unhealed” will be released on May 20, 2022, and can be streamed and downloaded on digital platforms at the following link –

YouTube stream –

For more info:

Keeping the metal scene alive, Immortal Pain is a Saudi Arabian Melodic Death Metal band from Jeddah. The band was formed back in 2005 by Emad Ashor (Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist), Rasheed (Lead Guitarist) and was later joined by Moaiyd Alshammari (Drummer) and Anan Alsabban (Bassist).

Their music is a mix between Thrash Metal and Melodic Death Metal and was heavily influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, Kalmah, Metallica, and many other iconic groups.

The band was heavily active during the prime years of metal music in the Kingdom and continues to perform to their fans to this day. Immortal Pain released a number of demos over the years and continues to create new music and is releasing their first official single “Unhealed” in May 2022 with additional releases planned for the following months.