Canadian Prog/ Experimental Guitar Project THE SECRET PLACES OF THE EARTH

Canadian progressive and experimental guitar project The Secret Places Of The Earth has announced a second album coming up entitled “The Space Between The Stars”. This will be the follow-up to “Stormwalker”, which was released early this year. The introductory single “Mother Brain” gives listeners a chance to dig into the spacey, ambient, experimental guitar work within.

The solo project of award-winning Canadian composer, and visual artist Barrett Klesko (All Else Fails, The Order of Chaos)The Secret Places Of The Earth started as a reason to mess with interesting guitar effects, and it turned very quickly into a deep flow state experiment in loop-based composition. All songs are recorded on a very minimal rig; few guitar pedals and a looper, no multi-tracking involved. He shares some insight into his work:

“There are two ways to experience my work; one is through active listening, in which case, you could expect trippy guitar sounds, soft waves, and lots of ambient washes and motion. The other is through meditative listening, in which I find there is a very soothing feel to this music, akin to a sound bath. I find it to be very healing.”

Without lyrics, it is up to the listener to decide what the songs mean to them. According to Klesko, there has been some interesting feedback in that the song titles seem to properly reflect the music, which is great because he let them name themselves. The titles just come to him on the first listen back, and he tries not to overthink that.

With an album already out, “The Space Between The Stars” on its way and a plethora of songs waiting their turn to be released, the sound of the project evolves very quickly, each selection of songs is different than the ones before, but as the album’s release, Klesko prefers to let the listeners experience that for themselves.

A huge fan of Pink Floyd, Klesko notes that he is hugely influenced by the guitar and ambient sounds in “Dark Side” and “Wish You Were Here” specifically. He also really likes zoning into some of the deep sleep playlists out there, no specific artists, but the overall vibe of the sleep genre speaks to him.

In the deepest reach,

Thoughts adrift among the stars

Slumber now in peace

This album is a deep reflecting pool, as it submerges the listener, massages the senses, opens and engages the mind, and relaxes the body. It is recommended for fans of Pink Floyd, Repulsive, and Midwife.

A visualizer video for “Mother Brain” is available on YouTube –

The album “The Space Between The Stars” comes out September 23rd, 2022, and will be available on the following platforms:

Thesecretplacesoftheearth.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple Music

Track Listing:
1. Mother Brain (6:25)
2. The Space Between the Stars (3:12)
3. Fragile Futures (3:01)
4. Drifts (4:52)
5. Breach (3:06)
Album Length 20:19

About: The Secret Places of the Earth is a non-linear, live compositional experiment by award-winning Canadian composer, and visual artist Barrett Klesko (All Else Fails, The Order of Chaos, FadeBack Studios United). His first album “Stormwalker” was released in early 2022 to a modest, though enthusiastic fan and critical reception. Described as darkly beautiful, magnetic, and often unsettling, “Stormwalker” has been gaining momentum with a growing cult following due to its organic live feel and hypnotizing depth.