Phoenix Alt-Singer/Songwriter, The Kaleidoscope Kid Laments That Internet Killed The Radio Star In New Video For “Death By Radio”

Phoenix Alt-Singer/Songwriter, The Kaleidoscope Kid Laments That Internet Killed The Radio Star In New Video For “Death By Radio”
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Phoenix Alt-Singer/Songwriter The Kaleidoscope Kid has unleashed his electrifying new single and music video, “Death By Radio.”

The video was directed by The Ave, as The Kaleidoscope Kid confronts the ever changing landscape of the music business and laments about the era where radio rules the airwaves.


“The industry has been flipped on its head. The song was a reflection on my journey in the music industry and having my first song ‘Watermelon Kisses’ played on the radio. As a kid I think we all once dreamed of hearing our voice on the radio, and when it finally happened to me the feeling was fleeting,” commented  The Kaleidoscope Kid. “It felt as though radio was dying and the new age rock stars stumbled into the limelight only through the virality of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The story of the song is told from the perspective of a woman heading to LA to find her place in the music industry, only to be confronted with the promises and pitfalls of an ever changing world.”

The song is a call-to-arms to return to a simpler time when artists weren’t forced to try and pump out 15-30 second sound bites. The anthemic chorus “Internet killed the radio star” leads the charge as they try to find their place in the new age digital era of streaming services and social media.
The Kaleidoscope Kid’s artistic vision takes flight on his new album
“Nothing For Free,” which is slated for release on July 21st via Suburban Noize Records. The album takes listeners on a sonic journey like no other, as The Kaleidoscope Kid pushes the boundaries of alternative music, weaving a tapestry of emotions and experiences.
Reflecting on the upcoming album, The Kaleidoscope Kid shared, “This album was born during my journey from my hometown of Phoenix to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, California, with dreams in my eyes and a guitar slung over my shoulder. As I walked the downtown streets of LA, I was struck by the stark contrast of poverty and wealth coexisting in this enigmatic land. Homeless individuals pleading for assistance while oblivious tourists hurried past them, treating them as ghosts. All against a backdrop of opulent five-star hotels, luxury brand stores, towering skyscrapers, and sleek Teslas.” This poignant experience inspired the album’s title, “Nothing For Free,” as The Kaleidoscope Kid contemplated the pervasive influence of money and politics within the music industry. He expressed a deep concern for the corruption of art at its core in the pursuit of monetary gain.
The journey of The Kaleidoscope Kid is as extraordinary as the music he creates. Confronted with the challenges of Reiter’s syndrome, a debilitating disease causing arthritis, inflammation, and agonizing blood blisters in his mouth and throat, The Kaleidoscope Kid embarked on an unconventional path to healing. Dissatisfied with conventional Western medicine and plagued by misdiagnoses, he sought solace in Eastern medicine and psychedelic experiences while residing in a secluded cabin in Sedona, accompanied only by his loyal companion, Blue, and his guitar. Through music, he discovered a profound form of self-expression and embarked on a transformative healing journey.

“Writing music is my medicine,” commented The Kaleidoscope Kid in closing. “There is magic in creation, and for me, writing music has been an alchemical process, transforming even the most challenging moments of my life into something beautiful.”