Introducing… Kay Iris – singer, songwriter, guitarist and activist joined by accomplished instrumentalist and songwriter Matt Patmore.

Introducing… Kay Iris

UK-based Kay Iris have already released singles such as ‘A Tale Of Fate’ and ‘Dead Man Walking’ with their own signature sound which aims to inspire and empower their listeners.

Unearth the Rockin’ Americana sound of Kay Iris…

Kay Iris is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and activist joined by accomplished instrumentalist and songwriter Matt Patmore. Their songs aim to inspire and empower.

Their signature sound incorporates Folk, Country, Americana and Rock, with distinct compositions that combine ethereal vocals, memorable riffs and thought-provoking lyrics. Taking inspiration from ‘The Doobie Brothers’, ‘Joni Mitchell’, ‘Tedeschi Trucks Band’ and ‘Fleetwood Mac’.

Creating sounds for sustainability – Kay Iris intend to use their platform to help promote sustainable and ethical lifestyle choices. Past projects include their ‘One Tank One Tree’ tour, in which they partnered with ‘Tree Nation’ to donate trees to reforestation projects, based on how far they travelled. Looking forward, they hope to attain a line of sustainable and ethically sourced merchandise, to perform at ecofriendly festivals such as ‘The Vegan Campout’, ‘Into The Wild’ and ‘Black Deer Festival’ as well as supporting conservational charities and venues.


‘Kay captivates with her incomparable voice and stellar writing’ – Pete Smith – Producer (Sting, Randy Crawford, Joe Cocker)

FFO: Fleetwood Mac, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lissie, The Doobie Brothers and Joni Mitchell.


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  • -‘A Tale of Fate’ asks the question ‘Is love coincidental or tied to something greater than ourselves?’. A particular greek myth inspired this song. It tells the story of Zeus splitting soul mates in two, as he was fearful of their power together. From there, these two entities would spend their lives trying to find their ‘other half’. The sound and subject matter of the song combine dreamy, ethereal vocals with groovy instrumentation, as the narrator navigates the eternal question: Is love ‘A Tale of Fate’.

  • Written & Directed by Kay Iris… ‘Dead Man Walking’ is a cinematic, story driven song, following the last days of a remorseful outlaw running from justice. The style of the song was inspired by Quentin Tarantino soundtracks as well as old Spaghetti Western scores by Sergio Leone.

‘Last To Be Sung’ – TBA September 2024

’Stories We Tell’- TBA November 2024

Recording Information:

The singles have been recorded, mixed and mastered with our musician/producer friend of ours, at his home studio. It’s a fairly informal arrangement, and the studio has no official name/website.

Studio musicians:

James Chapman- Drums

Hugo Dagenhardt- Drums

Sully Evans- Bass

Joe Brookes- Keys

Mollie Docksey- Saxophone



Slide guitar


With a full schedule of music releases and live appearances across the UK, the captivating Kay Iris will be ones to watch in 2024 and beyond.


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