Take A Thrilling Ride Through Contemporary Rome with Italian Rock/Post-Hardcore Band Feldspar in New Video for “Cobblestones”

Rome Italy’s FELDSPAR

Release “Cobblestones” The First Single + Video off Upcoming Debut Album Out This Fall

Produced By Nick Terry (The Libertines, Simian Mobile Disco, Peaches, Ian Brown/Stone Roses, Turbonegro, Kvelertak)

Video, Directed By Famed Italian Director, Roberto ‘Saku’ Cinardi (Lacuna Coil; 2015 Cannes Young Director Award) Takes Viewers On A Thrilling Trip Through Contemporary Rome

For Fans of: Life of Agony, Integrity, Trapped Under Ice, Fiddlehead, Comeback Kid, Gel, No Bro, Scowl, Sheer Mag, Jimmy Eat World, Kvelertak, Torche, Title Fight

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Italian rock band FELDSPAR has released “Cobblestones”, the first single + video off the band’s upcoming debut LP out this fall on TTK Records.

The track heralds the start of a collaboration with Nick Terry, the highly acclaimed London-based producer renowned for his work on iconic albums by The Libertines, Simian Mobile Disco, Peaches, Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Turbonegro, Kvelertak, and more. Nick has helmed the production of Feldspar’s entire debut album.

Musically, ‘Cobblestones’ is a continuous energetic ride, only interrupted by hyper-modern Nordic-style breakdowns. Lyrically, the song depicts Rome and its dual nature. On one side, the postcard and the continuous pilgrimage from all over the world, and on the other, the authentic, antagonistic, popular city that looks at everything that happens around it with skepticism and disenchantment. It’s an anthem that embodies a love-hate sentiment, crafted to express what it’s like to view modernity through the lens of those who, just steps away from the pope, have witnessed 2000 years of history flow beneath the city’s bridges.

The “Cobblestones” video is a project within the project, directed by well-known Italian director, Roberto ‘Saku’ Cinardi, who boasts collaborations with the cream of the Italian scene (Lacuna Coil, etc.) and has directed films and TV series for major platforms. The video mirrors the song’s lyrics, serving as a 3-minute short film that encapsulates the essence of contemporary Rome and Italy, better than any other cinematic work in recent years.

The artwork for “Cobblestones” was done by Chris Wilson (Kingston, PA) who has collaborated with Scowl, Gel, Mindforce, and Combust.

Watch the “Cobblestones” video here: https://youtu.be/NPnfUhnO8aU?si=yIVBApaGceEeL0s2

Stream “Cobblestones” on DSPs: https://bfan.link/feldspar-cobblestones

Pre-order here: https://timetokillrecords.com/collections/feldspar

Hailing from Rome, this 6-piece ensemble is an integral part of a broad artistic community comprising illustrators, photographers, directors, and painters, all united by a shared mission. Additionally, the group maintains robust connections to London, Oslo, and Los Angeles.

Drawing from its Post-Hardcore origins and boundless compositional explorations, Feldspar crafts high-energy music that leaves a lasting impression.

With hardcore-infused choruses, unforgettable riffs, cinematic interludes, breakdowns, and powerful female vocals, Feldspar’s sound will resonate with fans of Life of Agony, Trapped Under Ice, Scowl, Kvelertak, Integrity, Torche, Gel, No Bro, Fiddlehead, Sheer Mag and Turbonegro.

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“Cobblestones” Cover Art By Chris Wilson



In the eternal city of Rome, where the whispers of cryptic ecclesiastical hierarchies still linger, Feldspar emerges as
a musical enigma, delving into the shadows to unravel, with a
certain dose of irony and creativity, the clandestine threads of
power. Named after a mineral purportedly worn by a covert Roman clergy, this entity consists of six eclectic souls working tirelessly to expose the elusive puppeteers who have shaped the lives of millions of people. since the beginning of time.

Formed in late 2023 and based just a stone’s throw from the
Vatican, the Godless folk two blocks from the Pope, Feldspar’s journey begins with the legendary Andrew Mecoli, founder of the iconic Growing Concern, Mecoli’s guitar riffs echo the peculiar spirit of Italian hardcore. Joining him is Stefano Casanica, a prolific songwriter and producer,whose musical odyssey spans decades with undertakings in Undertakers, Craiving, Crude, and collaborations that transcend genres. Casanica’s production magic is immortalized in Noyz Narcos’ cult classic ‘Non dormire’, a cornerstone of Italian hardcore rap with millions of streamings so far.

Enter Riccardo Zamurri, the charismatic frontman and creative force behind Feldspar’s visual and thematic universe. With an imaginative prowess that spawns countless artistic collaborations worldwide, Zamurri shapes the band’s narratives
and lyrical landscapes. Anna Pasolini, the rising star, brings her sharp vocals and musical sensibility honed in London, where her mother, the Academy Award-winning composer Rachel Portman, imparted the musical craft. Pasolini’s environmental commitment as a dedicated scientist adds another layer to the band’s multifaceted identity.

Completing the lineup are the rhythmic anchors, Manlio Massimetti on bass and Luca Micheli on drums. Seasoned musicians with unwavering rhythmic certainties, contribute to Feldspar’s hardcore attitude and the myriad compositions that spring forth from their creative well.

With its hardcore roots and infinite compositional diversions,
Feldspar creates high-energy music that sticks in your head.

Their lyrics traverse contemporary themes, often rooted
in critiquing the mass commercial. drift of Western spirituality,
emanating from the heart of Rome. The band delves into the
psychoses of the individual, often transcending into imaginative
realms, and champions mental health and adaptability to

Environmental concerns, felt as urgent civic duties, find a prominent place in Feldspar’s lyrical arsenal. Finally, the band
pays homage to the communities to which it belongs, considering itself an expanded collective with friends and nonconformist artists at its core. Collaborations with figures such as Nick Terry, the London producer known for his work with countless Rock icons (The Libertines, Turbonegro, Kvelertak, The Stone Roses, Simian Mobile Disco) who produced the band’s debut album. Chris Wilson, a Tattoo artist and illustrator for Combust, Scowl, and many other American hardcore bands; Guido Gazzilli’s courageous photography, Marcello ‘Rise Above’ Crescenzi’s mastery of Roman art, and his exquisite illustrations further enrich the tapestry of the band’s creative journey and underscore Feldspar’s commitment to a diverse and vibrant artistic community. Over time, Luca “Solo Macello”, an exceptionally skilled illustrator and collaborator with bands worldwide, joined in. His cover for Salmo’s latest album, which remained at the top of the charts in Italy for weeks, has become one of the most important artworks in recent discographic history. Lastly, Nicolas Romero, an Argentine painter with Feldspar, is exploring uncharted visual universes.

In the intricate dance between sound, vision, and ideology,
Feldspar stands as a beacon, beckoning the curious to navigate
the uncharted waters of their musical realm.

The band has signed a contract for their debut album with TTK
, a cult label that includes bands like Fulci in its roster. The debut single,”Cobblestones”, is set to be released at the end of May. The track is a snapshot of Rome, a love song in a sense, depicting the band’s conflicted relationship with the city and the eternal clash between the forces of the establishment and those who oppose it.

Right after the summer, the debut album will be released. Eleven songs serve as the cornerstone in building the band. Recorded
at Bloom Studio in Rome and Mixed at Nick Terry’s Black valley studio in Oslo, It will be accompanied by the release of a fanzine
curated by the band, where the album’s concept will be visually
narrated through images, the result of years of research, art,
and life literally “…two blocks from the pope.”








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