Philip Sayce // The Wolves Are Coming // Album Review


Rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter Philip Sayce is back with the release of his highly anticipated studio album “The Wolves Are Coming.” The album is released by Atomic Gemini/Forty Below Records on Friday, February 23, 2024, and is available to pre-order HERE.

There is a moment when you just have to face-plant yourself, one such moment was when I discovered Philip Sayce, a face-plant of epic proportions as to why, WHY, I have not been listening to Philip Sayce for years, I only recently really discovered Philip whilst touring the UK last year and saw his press and the hype around the tour, I of course have had his name on the tip of my tongue for years but never took the time to investigate. As we say here in Northern Ireland “Mate, you’re a gluebag!” It’s true, I am.

Philip is right up my street as a guitarist, bluesman and from what I have seen online a total gent and all round Mr Nice Guy. After watching a few minutes of Philip on “Tube You” where he was warming up for his show in Bristol, listening to that soaring tone from his battered and bruised Strat, I kinda fell in love with his vibe, his sound, lordy lord THAT sound! And his aura around his approach to his music. That was when I realised I was indeed a “Gluebag” of epic proportions, from this day forth myself and Philip shall be #besties #callme

From the cutting, opening notes The Wolves Are Coming to the very last, you can barely catch your breath, ‘Oh! That Witches Brew’ just hits you smack between the eyes, if you weren’t prepared for the intensity of it, it will shock you to your core. The beauty of an artist such as Philip as well as being a monster guitar player, he also has a great set of lungs and can transcend what will be a stunning piece of guitar work to another level with an all-round majestic artistic performance like very few can. The album is a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions, fusing classic bluesy shuffles alongside high-intensity funked-up rock n’ rollers, you honestly don’t know where he will go from track to track, but one thing is sure you better hang on to your hat! The Wha-Wha pedal is taking some abuse and of course that Strat is earning its money keeping up with Philip’s stellar playing.

You get a collection of gnarly, groove-laden tracks that just insist you pull your best “Stank Face’ while listening, the album should really come with a warning that your facial muscles will be sore after, track after track you are pummelled by the ferocity of Sayce’s approach until “It’s All Over” where he shows his sensitive side and allows you to check the old heart rate, and …. Breathe. This one is an absolute beaut, those glorious clean Strat tones biting their way at your heart, live it’s going to be epic! Philip doesn’t want you resting too long, so he’s right back at it with a banging “Black Moon’ and psychedelic-laced “Blackbirds Fly Alone” they do indeed when stoned outta your tree, “Backstabber” is another stand out track, with a slamming sound that hits you right in the chest before you get to “Intuition” a glorious instrumental that harks back to the best days of SRV and the likes, where only those behemoths of the blue-stratosphere can dare go.

And before we know it, we have reached the end of this glorious album with “This Is Hip”, a trip down the light fantastic and back again with my new bestie. This acoustic closer is a light and fun track that brings it all back home.

A truly stunning album from start to finish, Philip Sayce is a beast of a player that deserves to be on everyones lips.

 I hope to catch this crazy cat in the flesh someday, Mr Noble keeps screaming at me “Easyjet, EasyJet” but I just can’t see Philip (or Joe for that matter) on an Easyjet! A girl can dream, but for now, I’ll always have the music.

“The Wolves Are Coming.” The album will be released by Atomic Gemini/Forty Below Records on Friday February 23, 2024, and is available to pre-order HERE.

The album features the singles “Oh! That Bitches Brew,” “Lady Love Divine,” “Backstabber,” and “Black Moon.”




  1. 1.“Oh! That Bitches Brew” (3:29)
    2.“Lady Love Divine” (3:04)
    3. “Babylon Is Burning” (2:51)
    4. “Your Love” (3:18)
    5. “It’s Over Now” (5:35)
    6. “Black Moon” (2:40)
    7. “Blackbirds Fly Alone” (5:37)
    8. “The Moon Is Full” (3:43)
    9. “Backstabber” (3:54)
    10. “Intuition” (3:19)
    11. “This Is Hip” (2:46)
  3. Produced by Philip Sayce
    Recorded at Station House Studio, Los Angeles, California
    Engineered by Mark Rains
    Mixed by Brian Moncarz
    Mixed by Mark Rains (Tracks 8, 10, 11)
    Mastered by Brian Lucey, Magic Garden Mastering
    Art Design by Dingbat Design and Phyx Design