Oli Brown & The Dead Collective // Epilogue// EP Review


March 29th sees the release of the third EP from Oli Brown & The Dead Collective, following up on Prelude and Prologue, Epilogue is a four-track slice of this new venture from Ex-Raveneye, Ex-Oli Brown, British guitarist, singer-songwriter, Oli Brown.

The first two EPs have really painted a picture of the departure from Raveneye showing a new reflective style of songwriting with The Dead Collective, you have a very different soulful approach, a softer more vulnerable sound from the artist that can be heard on the EP’s opening track ‘Another Day Lost (Solitude Sessions)’ with it’s smooth acoustic sound and vibe.

This continues through ‘I Won’t Leave’, with a somewhat Mayer-esque vibe, light and airy before building to a crescendo. Whilst ‘Home Sweet Home’ from the off has a cinematic quality and pulls you in from its opening statement, the thunderous introduction immediately demands your attention and the change of direction sonically leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering just where this track is going to take you. It builds and builds carrying you on this sonic ride, wind blowing through your hair, but alas before you know it the EP is taking you to its conclusion with ‘Another Day Lost’ which is the banger of the EP, a gnarly track to wrap up Epilogue, a track with real teeth and a bitchin’ solo cutting through the mix.

I like many, look forward to hearing the album in whole to better understand the journey, and the relationship of the songs together as a collection where you can just take them all in.

The Dead Collective venture has to date produced a side of Oli that we haven’t yet seen through his earlier renditions, but as I always say the cream always comes to the top, regardless of the bumps in the road, the challenges that life throws at you, raw talent can’t be suppressed. This particular project has allowed Oli as an artist a channel of expression that perfectly reflects his current journey and trajectory.

Bring it on!


“Epilogue” Is Released 29th March 2024


Oli Brown & The Dead Collective are set to embark on their first headline tour of the UK throughout April 2024, which is not to be missed.

Oli Brown & the Dead Collective are Oli Brown, Sam Wood and Wayne Proctor.

The band are currently working on their debut album – due for later in 2024.



Oli Brown & The Dead Collective UK tour dates are as follows:

Fri 5th April 2024                     The Key Club, Leeds UK

Thurs 11th April 2024              The Waterfront Studio, Norwich UK

Sat 13th April 2024                  The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes UK

Wed 17th April 2024                The 1865, Southampton UK

Fri 19th April 2024                   The Camden Assembly, London UK

Sun 21st April 2024                 Bodega, Nottingham UK

Thurs 25th April 2024              KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton UK

Sun 28th April 2024                 Louisiana, Bristol UK

For ticket information please see https://www.olibrownofficial.com



Epilogue EP

1 – Another Day Lost (Solitude Sessions)

2 – I Won’t Leave

3 – Home Sweet Home

4 – Another Day Lost

The Dead Collective