Obituary // Dying of Everything // Album Review


The kings of Floridan death metal are back!

Now with their first release in six years comes the apocalyptic “Dying of Everything”.

When it comes to Obituary they are it for legendary death metal.

Helping birth the genre in the late 80s & 90S with seminal albums “Slowly We Rot” & “Cause Of Death”. And even in the height of nu metal & the lull of death metal, the band were releasing some of the best albums of the band’s discography, “Back from the Dead” & “Frozen in Time” showed Obituary was not going to let death metal die out!

Now with their 12th studio album “Dying of Everything” the band had more time to self-produce the album during the pandemic which means a more streamlined album. This album is full of amazing tracks & the most packed Obituary album for years!

Right out of the gate “Barely Alive” hits hard. John Tardy’s signature vocals roar over the first few opening bars of the song as the whole band are at breakneck speed. A fast track with that heavy thick guitar tone Trevor Peres is loved for.

Just by this opening track you know Obituary isn’t ever slowing down. A simple & great way to welcome back fans to the band’s material. Then comes “The Wrong Time”…

A self-proclaimed meat & potatoes track by John & Donald Tardy which it is but damn it’s one of the heaviest tracks the band have done in some time.

Thanks to the amazing Joe Cincotta (Full Force Studio in Long Island, New York) who is also the band’s live sound engineer is able to make this track & the whole album so expansive. Tone heavy which helps make the band sound the best in the past 10+ years!

If someone had never heard of Obituary before this track is the perfect encompassment of their sound. Tribal beating drums mixed with thick & rich bass tones from the best bassist in death metal Terry Butler. Also full of groove, hooky vocals & even a blazing lead by the phenomenal Ken Andrews. This track is Obituary’s DNA all over.

Next up is my favourite track on the album & which has quickly cemented itself in with some of my much loved classic tracks “Without a Conscience”. Still keeping with the theme of groove & hooks like “The Wrong Time” goes even more simple.

A mix of “By the Light” & “Redneck Stomp” with an extended bridge section that just drives the band, no vocals just the thick ass riff, pounding drums & ungodly bass tone. Like a charging army, this section is going to decimate live!

At the halfway point we see the album’s title track “Dying of Everything”. Penned by guitarist Ken Andrews it has a thrasher feel that was heard on the bands like the self-titled album. Still keeps the balls-out tone but a more fast-paced track with some more processive elements that lend really well to the album’s overall sound. It flies by fast but it’s a great change of pace from the last few tracks!

The catchiest track on the album has to be “Weaponize the Hate”. A late bloomer would make a fantastic single. This track has the real live Obituary feel. Classic elements of their now Celtic Frost worship with slower tempo moments with Donald Tardy’s best drumming performance on the album. The guy is a drumming animal! Also even with a simple lyrical theme, John is able to keep the track so memorable & unforgettable.

The album closer fits perfectly here. “Be Warned” hitting nearly six minutes in run time is a slow & methodical track. Stompy riffs which are a pitter’s dream, this track is not to be missed. It feels the band have purposely written this track as a closer as it feels like a perfect way to end Obitaury’s most profound & best album in years.

“Dying of Everything” is a perfect Obituary album.

Giving fans a new something to grab onto. Old school fans like myself (rocking my “Cause Of Death” tattoo) will love the primal & older throwbacks also newer fans will love the catchy hooks & melodies the band always provided.

Joseph Mitchell

Dying of Everything is out via Relapse on 13th January 2023


John Tardy – Vocals
Donald Tardy – Drums
Trevor Peres – Rhythm Guitar
Terry Butler – Bass Guitar
Ken Andrews – Lead Guitar


1.    Barely Alive
2.   The Wrong Time
3.    Without a Conscience
4.    War
5.    Dying of Everything
6.    My Will To Live
7.    By the Dawn
8.    Weaponize the Hate
9.    Torn Apart
10.  Be Warned

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