Nonexister // Demons // Album Review


NONEXISTER are a new entity to me, musically I most likely come from a very different sonic spectrum than the guys in the band, a child going through his musical education in the 80’s it was mostly hair metal and shredder guitar gods for me, but as I have got older, my pallet has matured and I can now safely say I will give anything a chance. I guess the whole enveloping yourself in the world of this business we call “show”, means eventually, some of its gnarly underbelly will seep through your skin and embed itself in your subconscious.

So let’s do this, NONEXISTER are an interplay of Industrial and Electronica fused by Rock and Metal backdrops that create harsh sonic landscapes to grab your attention, the cutting vibe that carries across the soundtrack against the backline creates a dystopian atmosphere that against the delay on guitar lines and soaring vocals makes it all work together. A punishing sound at times somehow just works to make a powerful recording to lose yourself in.

The heft that the electronica can bring also adds weight to any live performance, so you know that this particular soundtrack will translate to the live stage well, the gnarly air being pushed by the bass against cutting vocal lines and otherworldly vocal harmonies going on in the background just builds layer by layer a crazy-beautiful sonic-landscape worthy of a cinematic soundtrack. The ability to diversify within the recording means as a listener you will go on a journey with the band as they sculpt the layout of the album to truly pull you in track by track, keeping you on your toes and wondering where you will be taken next.

The balance between the brutal and ambient is a constant battle throughout, the aggression of the electronica and distortion against the space in between created by the band allows the songs to breathe, and the album itself to further evolve track by track. Overall the album is perfectly paced, with slow burners to allow you to ease yourself into it and hefty hard hitters that grip you by the throat and remind you the journey is not over yet.

 A powerful recording, 11 brave tracks by a band that have a sound that they have crafted over time and honed in on to make their own, Demons is not an album for the faint-hearted, but if you crave something more than the cookie-cutter rock that floods the airwaves then NONEXISTER could be the band for you.

Demons is out Friday, March 15th courtesy of the band’s label  (distributed by The Orchard) digitally, as CD, and as 2xLP gatefold vinyl (180g), including a bonus track.



Your Pain Up My Veins

Drowning In The Void

How Do You Dare

A Promise In The Air

Where Does Your Mind Go



“Head In A Hole”

“What A Lie”

“Flying With The Crows”



“The first album I bought was Computer World by Kraftwerk, and the second was No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith by Motörhead – which pretty much describes where I come from,” laughs Marco.  “For me, creating music is about creating atmospheres. I like to conjure soundscapes. I try to bring beauty into noise. Nik has a different approach. He’s a songwriter, and he aims to tell stories. The lyrics are very important – and he’s an amazing singer. So, it’s a thrilling match.”

Co-founders Marco and Nik drew on dynamic and distinct backgrounds at the onset of the project. Marco, the electronic maverick, honed his creativity and stage presence in the likes of Swandive, Division Kent,, and Glitter Wasteland, gracing the stages of major festivals and cities across Europe. Meanwhile, Nik powered the punk upstarts Catchpole, and he voices one of the robots of the ground-breaking robot band Compressorhead, for which John Wright, frontman of the Hanson Brothers and drummer for the legendary No Means No, writes the music and is the voice of the robot singer. Simultaneously, Nik has entrenched himself in Switzerland’s dynamic subculture scene including the legendary Wohlgroth and fostering the launch of initiatives such as independent cultural and political force Radio Stadtfilter.

NONEXISTER are Marco Neeser [electronics, songwriting, production], Nik Leuthold [vocals, songwriting, production], Reto “Fu” Gaffuri [bass], Siro Müller [drums, backing vocals], and Silvan Gerhard [guitar, backing vocals].




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