No Terror In The Bang // Heal // Album Review


When you name a band around anything related to Alfred Hitchcock, you’d best be in a position to back it up. No Terror In The Bang refers to a phrase used by Hitchcock, whereby he said “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”

So that should set the scene quite nicely for what is the second album by the six-piece band from Rouen, France.

Looking to build on the foundations of the debut album Eclosion which was released in 2021, the band have unleashed this ten-track 46-minute offering of progressive, genre-bending metal.

What’s obvious from the off is that the band have more than Hitchcock’s phrase as an influence, the additional instruments used, effects and almost score-like feel that surrounds modern metalcore.

The vocal weaves seamlessly from clean, to brutally aggressive with a lot of character in between. Musically the guitars and drums seem to give way to instruments lesser heard in the metal scene, not just keys but synthesisers and orchestral sounds. There are so many layers to what the band have created that you need several listens to even begin to hear some of them.

As I have been listening, I have been trying to figure out what kind of genre this would fall into, as many people like to be able to pigeonhole, but I’m afraid with this – it isn’t possible. There is a strong prog-metal vibe, along with Metallic Hardcore, Djent, Cinematic Metal and everything else in between and around.

Try not to have a label for No Terror In The Bang, as it will blow your mind trying to do that and you will think of plenty more that the band could fit under. My advice is to empty your head and press play. When you do that, you will feel the full force of this juggernaut knock you about, take you off balance and keep you wondering where they are going to head next.

Buckle up and enjoy this thriller of a ride, the kind which is rare and so refreshing to hear, it is different to so much else that is out there at the minute and what makes it even better is that Heal is a fantastic start to 2024.

Heal will be released Friday 12th January 2024 via Klonosphere Records.

Ed Ford



  1. Hostile
  2. Retch
  3. Insolent
  4. Monster
  5. Lulled by the Waves
  6. Palindrome
  7. OD
  8. Heal
  9. King with no Crown
  10. Warrior

Line-Up :
Clément Bernard : Guitar
Sofia Bortoluzzi : Vocals
Brice Bouchard : Bass
Etienne Cochin : Guitar
Alexis Damien : Drums/Keys/Orchestrations
Romain Greffe : Piano/Keys/Orchestrations

Recorded and  Mixed by Sebastien Langle
Mastered by Pierrick Noel
Artwork by Louise Dumont
Photos by Aurélien Cardot

Sublimation (Single) – 2019
Eclosion (LP) – 2021
Heal (LP) – 2024