Nickelback // Get Rollin’ // Album Review


It’s been 5 years since Nickelback last released a brand new album with ‘Feed The Machine, and I think we’ve been more than ready for something new. The pandemic gave lots of bands time to get back to writing and this was no exception for these guys as they used this time to write a new album with ‘Get Rollin’.

The band has released 2 singles so far from the album with the heavy “San Antonio” and the ballad styled “Those Days”. Both these tracks have been great examples of the style of music that we have become used to with this band and while a familiar style they still left you wanting more. The first non-released song “Skinny Little Missy” continues to keep in the style of the band with that heavy driving feel although the vocals are softer compared to that of “San Antonio”. This is one of the tracks that has a fast-paced chorus in the same way that “Must Be Nice” did from the last album although not as fast. As you move through the album there is always a more chill song and that comes in the form of “High Time” although this time this has a much more bluesy feel to it. With all bases covered for a traditional Nickelback album, the rest of the album hits some new highs which are unexpected. There seems to be a heavy country influence with this album and that can be heard with “Steel Still Rusts” and “Standing in the Dark”. The album overall is still very much Nickelback at heart but it’s clear the band has taken on more influences when writing this album to create something that is very new. The biggest change comes from the final track “Just One More” which if it didn’t have Chad Kroger’s recognizable vocals would not easily be identified as the band’s usual style. These new differences give the album an exciting edge that even if you’ve not normally been a fan of these guys, I’d recommend that you give this album a go. Hardcore fans will still find all the things that make them love the band but there is certainly a growth in the band’s style with this latest album.

Whether you love or hate this band, these guys have a formula in their music and writing which has seen them releasing new music over 25 years since their first album. Nickelback has a distinctive style, so ‘Get Rollin’ tests your knowledge on what you know about the band while staying true to who they are.

The band’s 10th studio record, Get Rollin’ and Get Rollin’ (Deluxe) will be available via digital platforms and physical CD format.  The deluxe edition includes four bonus tracks – acoustic versions of ‘High Time,’ ‘Just One More,’ ‘Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?’ and ‘Horizon.’  Standard and exclusive versions of the album will also be released on vinyl in 2023.


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Review: Emmie Ellis



Track List:

  1. San Antonio
  2. Skinny Little Missy
  3. Those Days
  4. Hight Time
  5. Vegas Bomb
  6. Tidal Wave
  7. Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing
  8. Steel Still Rusts
  9. Horizon
  10. Standing In the Dark
  11. Just One More




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