Motörhead // Iron Fist 40th Anniversary // Album Review


The final album featuring Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and the Philthy Animal, Phil Taylor was released hot on the heels of albums like Ace of Spades and No Sleep Till Hammersmith.

Iron Fist initially wasn’t received particularly well, however the album forms a massive part of the legacy that is Motörhead and continued to show that indeed they did play Rock n Roll.

So now the album has been given the 40th-anniversary treatment, so I suppose the first question is what is different in this re-release? The hardback book pack CD version includes 2 discs, with the vinyl being split three ways including a remaster of the original album, previously unreleased demo bonus tracks and the full recording of the Radio Clyde gig from 18th March 1982. Along with all that, there is also a limited edition standalone of the original album and unsees photographs detailing the story of the album.

If you have been living on this rock for long enough to be able to read, then you will already be aware of the importance of Motörhead, what they bring to music as a whole and the fact that when it’s turned up to 11, there is no one louder and no one better.

The initial album was a fucking belter in my opinion and one that is testing my eardrums, so how are the demos and the other tracks?

The 6 recordings from Jackson’s Studio were recorded in October 1981 ad shows that the rawness and quality of the tracks were there from the outset and in some ways is genuine sound, the kind of which is only replicated on the live tracks.

When you have enjoyed that behind-the-scenes sound, enjoy the bonus offerings which include a number of instrumentals if you fancy trying your best Lemmy sound and then we venture into the live experience like no others.

There have been a number of previously released live albums by Motörhead but this one is previously unreleased and features some of the huge hits along with other classic Motörhead tracks.

There is no doubting that Iron Fist has seen a number of special releases, but nothing that reaches the levels of this anniversary option. Any fans of Motörhead need to add this to their collection and if you are just venturing into the world of this incredible band, then strap yourself in – this is going to a hell of ride.

Ed Ford

Iron Fist 40th Edition was released Friday 23rd September 2022 via BMG.



Original Iron Fist album
Iron Fist
Heart of Stone
I’m the Doctor
Go to Hell
Sex and Outrage
Shut It Down
(Don’t Need) Religion
Bang to Rights

Jackson’s Studio Demos October 1981
Remember Me, I’m Gone
The Doctor
Young & Crazy
Iron Fist
Go To Hell

CD & Digital Bonus Tracks
Lemmy Goes to the Pub
Some Old Song, I’m Gone
(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down (Alternate Version)
Shut It Down
Sponge Cake (Instrumental)
Ripsaw Teardown (Instrumental)
Peter Gunn (Instrumental)

Live at Glasgow Apollo 18/3/82
(Previously unreleased)
Iron Fist
Heart of Stone
Shoot You In The Back
The Hammer
White Line
(Don’t Need) Religion
Go to Hell
(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down
(We Are The) Road Crew
Ace of Spades
Bite The Bullet
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch