Kingsmen // Bones Don’t Lie // Album Review


Full disclosure I had never heard of Kingsmen before this little gem arrived in my inbox but I’m certainly glad I know about them now, everything from metalcore to industrial and all in between, this is a killer album.

After a heavy instrumental intro, Kingsmen cut right to the chase with the title track “Bones Don’t Lie”, bursting into life the combo of bass, guitars and drums hit you full in the chest as Guimond snarls and sneers his way through the track, a pulsating rhythm drives the track big time, a great track to open proceedings. “Bitter Half” continues the onslaught but heavier and more frantic, a machine gun drum beat and crunching riffs propel the way with a groovy bassline running in tandem, Guimond switches the vocal style up between clean and growled with aplomb, a monster track.

“Trial By Fire” is one of the best tracks on the album, a big hitter that flicks between a softer mellower style and brutally crushing beats, Guimond puts in a serious shift hitting all the high and low spots perfectly, while the solo from Lucier is killer, this will be a massive hit. “Memory” brings the heavy again with an all-out assault, the riffs are savage, and the drums are relentless which paired with the thumping bass line gives you a kicking rhythm, another cool track. “No Road Home”  is a slow number with an old Western feel to it with a languid drum beat and stripped-back vocals, a cool change of pace, short but sweet. “Dead Letter” opens with hushed vocals from Guimond and a subdued backing track which when the chorus hits ratchets up the tempo with a kicking drum and bass combo and some tasty riffs to boot, this is another big standout track. For fans of Five Finger Death Punch “Catalyst” will be right up your street; a thumping drum beat drives the track coupled with heavy bass and chugging riffs that keep the rhythm fast, Guimond crushes again on vocals, a nice solo towards the backend of the track puts the icing on this particular cake, this is a banger. Prayer Man” fucking rocks big time, its a quirky industrial/electro track that is like a cross between Rammstein, Ministry and Rob Zombie, its the preverbal dog’s bollox. Closing this epic album is probably the best song on here “Diamondize”, much like the previous track there is a heavy industrial influence; chugging riffs and crashing drums create a monster rhythm which alongside the deathcore style vocals give you an absolutely savage track.

“Bones Don’t Lie” is out 31st of March via Sharptone Records

Review: Conor






1. Intro 0:51
2. Bones Don’t Lie 3:54

3. Bitter Half 3:47
4. Trial By Fire 3:48
5. Memory 3:47
6. No Road Home 2:43

7. Dead Letter 3:07
8. Catalyst 3:38
9. Prayer Man 2:43 10. Diamondize 3:13





Kingsmen are:

Tanner Guimond Vocals

Tim Lucier Guitars

Michael Perrotta Drums

Adam Bakelman Bass