Kataklysm // Goliath // Album Review


The Canadian melodic death metal titans have returned!

Kataklysm are back with a new album that fully encompasses its title, “Goliath”.

Since forming in 1991 Kataklysm has always pushed the envelope within death metal. Releasing such legendary blueprint death metal albums such as “Sorcery” & “The Prophecy”. Then evolving their mighty sound on albums “Prevail” & “Of Ghosts and Gods” to become one of the leading bands in brutal but melodic death metal.

Now with the release of “Goliath” the band joined forces with J-F Dagenais to record at JFD Studios in Dallas, TX and Studio City, CA as well as The Cabin in Orlando. For the mixing and mastering, the band returned to Chris Clancy with assistance from Colin Richardson.

“Dark Wings Of Deception” opens the album like a hammer to the face. A tuned low chugging pattern merged with this creative & slightly mesmerising guitar riff draws you in quick. Just as vocalist Maurizio Iacono joins the mix the band take it to a higher level. A thick & consistent tone through the track keeps it ranging. A fantastic & brutal opening first few minutes!

Lead track “Goliath” turns it up even a further notch. Bringing thrash grooves to this track. The later Kataklysm material like “Goliath” features a great & wide riffing style from guitarist Jean-François Dagenais.

Merging early Djent, Death Metal & classic metal lead work. Which allows the band to give a little bit of everything for any listener. This track feels like it was written for a big crowd reaction. The energy it brings is fantastic. Inventive vocal hooks from Maurizio makes this single track a huge track added to the band’s arsenal.

The real sleeper hit comes in with the third track “Die As A King”. A great choice for the band to use as a single. This track feels their most epic & grand. Their heaviest track in a few years. A bouncing riff drives the track, drummer James Payne’s technical ability shines hard & bright on this track. Anything from blistering double bass or heavy thunderous tom work really thickens out this track but also sprinkles in this very expansive hit track!

A huge surprise was the track “From The Land Of The Living To The Land Of The Dead”. One of the most purest feeling classic Kataklysm tracks. The opening riff feels like it could batter you to death, Pure punishment. A nonstop juggernaut of a song that was a great way to make sure the listener is still paying attention.

Closer “The Sacrifice For Truth” feels like the perfect way to book end the album, Keeping the energy & spirits still high this track is a true blast. Featuring some of the best lead guitar sections from Jean-François Dagenais, and a nice and slow breakdown of the track at the bridge before taking the wheel again & putting the pedal to the floor. A nice slow build to a stunning & punishing ending.

Kataklysm have always been a solid band, They know their strengths & play to them. But every few albums they like to sprinkle in a little element that keeps their sound fresh, exciting & somehow even more brutal.

“Goliath” does feel like their heaviest & most pissed off album in recent years. A real shining example of how to keep a band relevant in a career spanning over 30 years!

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Goliath is out via Nuclear Blast Records on August 11th 2023




1. Dark Wings Of Deception

2. Goliath

3. Die As A King

4. Bringer Of Vengeance

5. Combustion

6. From The Land Of The Living To The Land Of The Dead

7. The Redeemer

8. Heroes To Villains

9. Gravestones & Coffins

10. The Sacrifice For Truth