Just Happy To Be Here – ring in the summer with high-energy pop-punk, on debut EP ‘Ready as I’m Gonna Be’

Pop-punk crew Just Happy To Be Here have unveiled their debut EP.

Ready as I’m Gonna Be is out now, on Manic Kat Records.

The assured and chorus-led collection belies the Jersey outfit’s mere 2 years in existence; the five tracks are awash with memorable hooks and potent guitars.

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Speaking on their debut collection, lead vocalist Danny Auto shares: “We are beyond stoked to show everyone what we’ve been working on with our debut album! Writing these songs together has been such an incredible experience. The songs are fun, bouncy, and everything we love about the classic pop punk/easycore sound. This album is for everyone who knows it wasn’t a phase, it’s a lifestyle!”

cover art - ready as im gonna be

Formed in the midst of the pandemic, New Jersey pop-punk crew Just Happy To Be Here have spent the last two years crafting their all-action debut EP, Ready as I’m Gonna Be

With a moreish lead vocal and punchy guitars, Just Happy To Be Here hark to the genre throwbacks, whilst presenting an energy and emo-laced angst of their more recent contemporaries.

Nodding to the likes of The Wonder Years and Simple Plan, the East Coast quintet have created a rookie release that marries a seasoned Jersey grit with bountiful choruses and a finish that is both accessible and perennially honest.

Ready as I’m Gonna Be is out now, on Manic Kat Records.



New Age Affair is:
Danny Auto
Justin Kostelnik
Cameron Kutzer
Rey Harris
Dane Hopkins

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