Calmgrove // True Color // EP Review


With their sophomore EP, ‘True Colour’, Calmgrove are back stronger than ever. After the
success of their debut EP ‘Light On Your End’, back in 2019, the Californian band have
bounced back with their old-school style of emo/punk punk.
Right from the title track, there’s a real sense of nostalgia for those late 00s and early 10s pop
punk bands. With hints of emo reminding you of bands such as Hawthorne Heights, these
guys have found that perfect blend of the two styles to something of their own. Tracks like
“Fortune” has that upbeat melody while the lyrics take a darker and more poetic route
which heralds that emo style. Vocalist Eric Guzman, has a vocal style that fits the style of
music perfectly while not overwhelming the melodies. Showcasing a range of styles, “Say
Less” blends the slow and dark before picking up to a more upbeat chorus. Closing the EP is
the single “Tossing In My Sleep” which is the perfect culmination of all of the above and
brings together a sound that is definitively Calmgrove.
Listening to this band is very much like going back to my youth, bringing influences of
everything that seemed to define my teenage years. If you grew up within the late 00s
period of emo rock then this EP will definitely hit a spot you may have forgotten about in all
the best ways. Calmgrove will no doubt have a bright future ahead of them with the talent
they show in their songwriting and the growth they are already showing.


True Color is out this coming Friday, independently June 16th.


Review: Emmie Ellis


   1. True Color 3:14
   2. Cloudy 2:39
   3. Jade 2:31
   4. Fortune 3:26
   5. Say Less 3:03
   6. Tossing in My Sleep 3:26




Calmgrove is:
Eric Guzman – Vocals
Tommy Maung – Guitar
Daniel Alvarado – Guitar
Sean Gonzales – Bass
Bryce Evenson – Drums


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