SLACKRR // Set The Night On Fire // ALBUM REVIEW


SLACKRR are set to release their third studio album this week which perfectly aligns with their performance at Rebellion Festival. The band have been on the rise and has been on many a festival line -up however I do seem to miss them every time! The pop-punk three-piece are raising the bar again with this latest album “Set The Night On Fire”.

After forming in 2018, Set The Night On Fire is the band’s third full length release, which began production at the end of 2022. Made up of vocalist and guitarist Scotty Perry, Cait Bowyer on bass and Joe Sammons on drums, the band have had a relentless touring schedule to perfect their craft and have played over 500 shows in just 3 and a half years, with over 50 years scheduled for 2023. Later this summer, they will have their track The Current, featured in Sony Playstation’s VR2 game, VR SKATER.

In the lead-up to releasing the album, the band gave us the single ‘This Time’ to whet our appetites of what was to come and it’s safe to say that the rest of the tracks do not disappoint. During my first listen-through of the album, it’s clear that the high energy of this single follows through the rest of the tracks. With songs like ‘Leave it all Behind’ and ‘Lie To Me’ giving that bouncy energy that makes you want to join in with them and the catchy choruses, it’s easy to see why this band are so well regarded in the scene. There is also a great sense of nostalgia with songs such as ‘Where You Left Me’ which hold the basics of those 00’s and 10’s bands that ruled the pop punk airways. That’s not to say that these guys haven’t put themselves into the music and their experiences and feelings can be clearly felt throughout the album. From jumping about to ‘Just So You Know’ to singing along to ‘Ebb & Flow’ the whole thing has this huge vibe that is quite clearly the band and something you can’t help but get involved with.

SLACKRR have basically done it once again with “Set The Night On Fire” in bringing us a fully rounded album that will no doubt find itself on repeat in your playlists/record players / CD Players. Taking their musical journey to the next stages, the songwriting talent and passion that these guys have is infectious and anyone heading out to see them throughout the rest of the year is no doubt in for a treat!

Set The Night On Fire arrives Friday, August 4th.


Review: Emmie Ellis



Set The Night On Fire Tracklist:

1. Set The Night On Fire.
2. This Time.
3. Holding On.
4. Leave It All Behind.
5. Ebb & Flow.
6. Lie To Me.
7. The Answer.
8. Where You Left Me.
9. Just So You Know.
10. Bad Blood.
11. Change Of Pace.