LIL LOTUS // Cameron Sanderson // Sace6 // Live Review // The Boston Music Rooms // London

Friday night in London and there’s only one thing to do, hit The Boston Music Rooms for a night of Emo/Pop-Punk goodness. Tonight we have the majestic LIL LOTUS back in the UK and in tow, we have Cameron Sanderson and Sace6, two artists I have yet had the pleasure to see in the flesh thus far, so another box will be ticked off tonight.

The Boston Music Rooms is a magical venue in its own right, with a plethora of cool bands streaming through its doors, you’ll never have to wait long before the next killer gig is around the corner, yes it’s painful on the pocket but goddam they’re always worth every penny!

The room is filled with angsty emo types and I fear for my life as shizzle is about to get down, up first Sace6, a US singer-songwriter who whets the crowd’s appetite with his heavy-hearted songwriting, his musicality shines through like a gem though, pulling everyone in the room closer to the stage with a presence and charm that simply oozes from him, like a magnet the crowd is transfixed as he works his way through a set that showcases his vocal range and musical chops delivering heartfelt ballads and high energy anthems that gets everyone energised and begging for more. A raw and powerful musician, Sace6 is one to keep an eye on, no doubt he’s won over more than a few fans here tonight, a little bit of magic sets the scene for a great evening’s music.

A little time to catch your breath before Cameron Sanderson hits the stage, as the anticipation builds in the room, these live music enthusiasts are ready for more and Cameron has got it in spades to offer, a multi-talented instrumentalist, producer and self-made creator Cameron has amassed a huge following through his ever-growing YouTube channel and social media know-how. A highly talented musician in his own right, he has deservedly garnered attention far and wide. On stage he has an aura that is highly contagious and in no time has the room bouncing along to his sing-along anthems, a sensory feast as an artist he keeps you on your toes, engaging with the audience he certainly knows the value of bringing you along on his journey and is forever the charmer. He bangs out track after track pouring his soul into every song and delivering a killer set allowing his magnetic stage presence, powerful vocals and the electric atmosphere in the room to a crescendo that will no doubt be stuck in the minds of all who were there to witness it. Cameron is another artist who is just grafting, making it happen, and making waves his own way in the modern music industry, it’s a cool thing to see.



Cometh the hour cometh the man, tonight Matthew, that man is LIL LOTUS. After recently dropping his new single ‘When Life Gives You Lemons’ w/ Sophie Powers and 2021’s Error Boy album we finally have him back in the UK to bang out some of those killer tracks. An enigmatic performer, highly distinctive, LIL LOTUS always delivers live. A more intense set than the openers, LL was here to make his mark, The Boston Music Rooms providing the perfect intimate setting for a bitchin’ set from the man himself. With an otherworldly aura, LL gets stuck right in, a captivating stage presence that commands your attention, the crowd goes wild at the end of every song, bodies bouncing as he digs into his set, the walls reverberating as the crowd sings along, his powerful vocals carry an angsty message that resonates with his army of fans, sharing both a vunerability and strength that is shared within his community and you can see that here tonight, just how invested his fans are in his music. Whether performing a heart-wrenching ballad or an anthemic banger, you can sense the authenticity coming off the stage and his fans appreciate that, feel that and give back just as much, the blood, sweat and tears shared will last a lifetime. A banging set, a deeply engaged audience and a night to remember.

As the sweaty bodies make their way out into the London streets, you can’t help but appreciate this kind of night, appreciate what it takes to get artists such as LIL LOTUS and Sace6 across the pond when so many fail, you have to take a step back and be thankful for that, for emerging and self-made artists like Cameron Sanderson for their dogged determination in bringing their music to life, long may it last. Don’t forget, buy those tickets, support live music, support the local venues and keep this going, without it we’ll all be fooked!


Photography: Tony Giannattasio


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