Jessica Lynn Announces the Release Date of Her Forthcoming Album ‘Lone Rider & Releases Her New Single ‘The Morning Always Comes’

Jessica Lynn Announces the Release Date of Her Forthcoming Album ‘Lone Rider & Releases Her New Single ‘The Morning Always Comes’

Jessica Lynn — crowned “The New Queen of Country Rock” by Ramblin’ Man Fair — announces the release date for her eagerly awaited 13-track album ‘Lone Rider’ album, which is due out on 9th Sept, 2022. What’s more, she’s releasing an amazing new single from it: ‘The Morning Always Comes’ (Released on 8th July, with a video to follow): a song fired by inspiration that Jessica believes is one of the best she’s ever written.

Hailed as a “rocket force” for her spectacular live performances, presence and stagecraft, Jessica has been charting her own course. With a relentless international touring schedule of 14+ countries, a pair of Top 40/Top 50 singles on country radio, not to mention three full-length concert television specials airing nationwide in the USA, and strong fan followings in the UK and Europe, this New York singer-songwriter is quickly becoming a household name.

Jessica has been featured on the covers of Maverick Magazine, Guitar Girl Magazine and MNPR Magazine and shared stages with some of the most iconic names in the business (such as Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Loretta Lynn, ZZ Top, Richard Marx, Lonestar, Montgomery Gentry, and others).

Her dynamic, high-energy performances — which showcase her powerful voice and multiple instrumental talents, playing piano, guitar, harmonica, and drums — have garnered rave reviews from critics worldwide and built a huge, loyal, global fanbase that can be seen in her social media presence, reaching over one million people a month on Facebook alone, with a combined follower count of over 750k fans worldwide.

“Lynn began writing songs when she was 10 years old,” said American Songwriter, “As a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist, bassist, and drummer, she approaches her music with a full-bodied vision of a soundscape as it comes to fruition. Her deep knowledge of instrumentation also supports her role as a bandleader, allowing her to effectively communicate with each member as they learn a new song.

“The sonic cohesion of her band is ever-present in her typically styled performance of what Lynn describes as “country arena rock.”

American Songwriter praise not only Jessica’s strength in “country arena rock” but also call her “genre-defying”: “As a native New Yorker,” they say, “the artist’s foundational country is heavily laced with rock and blues edges, as well as tinges of pop and soul.” What’s more, the influential magazine proclaims, “Love has its ups and downs and Jessica Lynn has the soundtrack for your emotional ride.”

That’s certainly true of the songs on ‘Lone Rider’, which reflect on many facets of love from the euphoric, reckless rush found in ‘Getaway Car’ and the deftly drawn love triangle of ‘Better Than That’ to the yearning and loss that gets given voice in the power ballad ‘Run To’.

‘The Morning Always Comes’ touches on yet another particular part of the experience of love, and it sprung from sudden and compelling inspiration, as Jessica herself explains.

’The Morning Always Comes’ is my favorite song of all those I have ever written,” says Jessica, “I was sitting in my living room one afternoon and it just came to me, as if I had sung the lyrics and melody a million times before.  I ran inside and completed the entire arrangement in under 30 minutes. 

“I remember feeling something very special inside when I had put down my pencil and although my upcoming ‘Lone Rider’ record was already complete, I rushed the band into the studio because I knew this song had to be on it.  I have been anxiously waiting to release the track and music video and am so excited they’re finally here. 

“It is a story of waiting for each night’s sleep to come, because it is the only time you get to be with someone you love, but as much as you want the night to last forever, the morning must unfortunately always come and then you have to say goodbye.”

Pre-save Jessica Lynn’s brand-new single, ‘The Morning Always Comes’, and stay tuned for its parent album ‘Lone Rider’ come September.

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