in collaboration with British artist Liam Wakefield, with 100% of proceeds going to nonprofit supporting Veterans, First Responders and their families

  Award-winning country artist and humanitarian Jessica Lynn announces her new single, “You Save Me,” on which she collaborated with British Alt-Folk//Americana Singer-songwriter Liam Wakefield. All proceeds from the “You Save Me” single and her new “Music Saves” merchandise line go to Forging Forward, a non-profit organization focused on healing visible and invisible wounds of Veterans, First Responders and their families.

Jessica had met Liam online when she was putting together her 2020 UK tour. She learned about Liam’s battle with depression after being diagnosed with an incurable and rare genetic condition, pseudoxanthoma elasticum. The disease forced Liam to retire early from the military, and his mental health rapidly declined. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt which would prove to be a catalyst for change, Liam found his way back from his dark place and found a new purpose in life. It was his love of music and songwriting that fueled his new sense of self and his life’s mission to prevent suicide in others through mental health care, especially within the military community where mental health is a daily battle.

Having been an active advocate for many humanitarian causes, including for the military, the arts, animals, as well as a mentor for young women, children, and performing artists worldwide, Jessica felt compelled to collaborate with Liam on his mission. They decided to release a song together that not only expressed the dark journey Liam had taken, but that would also help others who were struggling down the same path towards suicide.

The song was produced using reverb impulses recorded in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway. This effect gives the impression that Jessica and Liam were actually singing inside the structure.

Jessica says about the collaboration experience, “Liam greatly inspires me not only musically, but as a human being. His strength, resilience, talent, and disposition for wanting to make a positive impact on the world is something truly special. After getting to know him, I couldn’t help but be moved by his story. We discussed doing a song together to raise awareness for mental health and its importance for veterans and the next day, ‘You Save Me’ poured out of me.

“Although Liam and I come from very different backgrounds and experiences, music has connected us and saved us in the same way. It is a universal beacon of light. Like Liam, I too have had significant battles with anxiety and depression throughout my life, and music has always been the shoulder to lean on as my most trusted friend and confidant. We hope many people find comfort within this song and realize they are not alone.”

Liam says about the song, “This song and the meaning behind it is the quintessential beauty needed to help show the world that those silently struggling do have a voice and are understood. So many of us (especially those in the military communities) harbor a deep pain from the daily battle with our mental health, and this song highlights that, in darkness, there is an incandescent beauty, a saving quality found in the passion and purpose of music that can bring people together, connect us to others and back to ourselves.”

He says about working with Jessica, “Being invited to be a part of this song is more than just being able to share my voice with a songwriter whom I deeply admire (Jessica), it’s a chance to show the world that, as a disabled combat veteran who has struggled greatly with mental health, that music does have a power beyond anything else, to save. I just hope that I do it justice.”

In addition to the song, Jessica and Liam have a limited edition line of merchandise, called “Music Saves, that they created solely for raising awareness and funds for the nonprofit, Forging Forward. The merchandise includes t-shirts, tanks, hats and other accessories with the Music Saves logo. The merchandise is available at now through December 11, 2022.

100% of the proceeds from both the “You Save Me” song and the “Music Saves” merchandise will be donated to the Forging Forward organization.

Look out for “You Save Me” on all music streaming and purchasing platforms on November 11, 2022.

More about Jessica Lynn

Fast-rising music star Jessica Lynn from NYC has been hailed by the media as a “rocket force.” With a relentless worldwide touring schedule in 15 countries, a pair of Top 40/Top 50 singles on country radio, and three full length concert television specials airing nationwide, the Brooklyn-born singer songwriter is quickly becoming an international household name. Having shared the stage with some of the biggest names in country and rock like Brad Paisley and ZZ Top, in addition to having 17 charting releases in 19 countries, her recently released album “Lone Rider” peaked at #1 in country on Amazon as well as broke the Top 50 on the Billboard Current Country Albums Chart.

In addition to her success as an award-winning international performer, Jessica’s star has shined brightly not only on the musical stage, but also on the world stage, helping to illuminate many humanitarian causes as an advocate for our military, the arts, animals, and as a mentor for young women, children, and performing artists worldwide. Her touring and unique prior experience as a certified teacher led to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs inviting her to become an elite member of American Music Abroad as well as an expert consultant for the program itself. This prestigious honor currently has Jessica traveling to countries across the globe bringing American music, culture, and mentorship as an ambassador for the USA while teaching a course she developed called “Tips & Tricks for The Independent Musician.”

More about Liam Wakefield

Liam Wakefield is a 32-year-old musician, writer and psychotherapist from Sussex, England. He spent 11 years in the British Army, deploying worldwide(including Afghanistan in 2011 and aiding the Syrian and Libyan migrant crisis in theMediterranean Sea in 2016). Sadly, Liam was diagnosed with a life-changing illness in late 2019 and later medically retired from the military. Struggling to manage the incurable rare genetic condition (pseudoxanthoma elasticum),which brought on chronic pain, fatigue,and seizing of joints, Liam was also given the news that he was losing his sight from this condition. His Mental health significantly declined, and in 2020, Liam found he could not go on; his marriage fell apart, and he found himself away from his two young children, alone and feeling the burnout of having to live with such a condition and knowing that it will only worsen as time goes on, he let the decline in mental health take over. In an alcohol-fuelledsuicide attempt, Liam tried to close the curtain on what appeared to be an inescapable depression. This unsuccessful attempt proved to be the catalyst for change, and with rallying support from so many, Liam was able to find a way back from the consuming darkness. It was during his recovery that Liam reconnected with music––a lifelong passion that he neglected whilst in the army––and he decided to channel the raw emotion and passion from the daily pain and found a new purpose in life.It was music and the love of writing that gave him a sense of self-belief, and he has sincedevoted his life to suicide prevention, mental health care, and being the best father he can be.

More about Forging Forward

Forging Forward is a non-profit organization dedicated to moving the needle to help grow what is STRONG with our Military Veterans, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, 911 Dispatch Operators, other First Responders and their families to meet our mission and vision. FF recognizes that suicide is rarely caused by any single factor – which means there are multiple pathways for prevention. The organization’s mission is to heal individuals who are suffering and considering suicide through finding what is STRONG with you.

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