Jessica Lynn Surprises fans with new single ‘Shame’

Jessica Lynn Surprises fans with new single ‘Shame’

Full of Latin sass, native New Yorker Jessica Lynn continues to confound any attempt to pigeonhole her or her music.


It’s a track to give a vibrant buzz to your day. Check out ‘Shame’- now available on all digital platforms It’d be a shame if you didn’t.

Famed as an exciting, modern country crossover star, with roof-raising energy and live showmanship, Jessica has triumphantly extended her range, sound and songwriting, rising well above the picket fences of genre. Pop, rock, country roots and soul: Jessica Lynn works each and all into her music, and has been weaving more of her musical loves and influences into her new material.

Now, with her brand-new single, ‘Shame’ Jessica swirls forward into a whole new territory, with this Latin-inspired track: one which Jessica co-wrote with UK-based award-winning songwriter Rachel Walker Mason.

“My whole career has been centered around being different,” says Jessica,  “Also, around making music that I enjoy making rather than trying to fit into a box.

“Growing up, I was heavily inspired by Latin artists and sounds.  When I was a child, I wore out Gloria Estefan’s ‘Greatest Hits’ record and Selena’s ‘Dreaming of You’ from practicing my singing and performing to them every day.

I always connected with Selena’s story, having my own family band and because my path has been very similar to hers in many ways.

When I sat down in the co-writing session with Rachel, she had the initial idea, then the song formed incredibly quickly, with us both being so excited about it.  I knew it was one I had to release this year!”


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