Extreme tech-metal band Utopia share album title track ‘Shame’ / Featuring Corrupt Moral Altar’s Chris Reece

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Building upon their debut album ‘Stalker’, released in 2021 and named after the 1979 Tarkovsky film, UTOPIA have upped their game for their second release ‘Shame’.
Their debut album, put together during the pandemic with guest musicians, featured the extreme drumming talents of Billy Rymer (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Baard Kolstad (Leprous), Lee Fisher (Fawn Limbs), Si Blakelock (Tangaroa) and Simon Peter King. Now featuring a fixed lineup, the original members of John Bailey on guitars, Chris Reese (Corrupt Moral Altar) on vocals and Arran McSporran (Virvum/Vipassi) on fretless bass are now joined by Jay Walsh on drums and a second guitarist in Jimmy Wilson.
With Stalker described as “the type of album that shapeshifts from one minute to the next, encompassing everything from grind, death metal, doom, jazz, and even some progressive rock, ensuring that listeners are in for a wild and challenging experience…comparable to the experimental madness of Psyopus and Dillinger Escape Plan alongside Spastic Ink or Behold the Arctopus, but with a bit more emphasis on jazz and prog melodies which sets Utopia apart”, their second album Shame looks to build on the foundations of Stalker, but with a more cohesive sound throughout – while still pushing themselves beyond the instrumental complexities of the first album.
Taking their songwriting and technical skills to the limit, Shame is not for the faint-hearted but rewards those willing to step up to the plate with repeated listenings to unravel the complexities within the compositional layers. Commenting on new single and album title track Shame, John from the band adds,
“The new track Shame continues the bands themes of mental health. It’s the title track from the album. As with most of our songs it’s a bit of a technical rollercoaster. I suppose it just represents the chaos and the complexities of human life. The lyrics are kind of abstract but deal with confusion, confirmation bias, illogical thinking. It’s not a particularly fun concept but it’s an honest one I think.”
‘Shame’ is released on 2nd February.
Upcoming live dates:
2nd February – Liverpool, District w/ Conan
8th March – Newcastle – Lubber Fiend
22nd March – Preston – Ferret
24th May – Guildford – The Holroyd
21st June – Rotherham – The Hive
Watch the video for previous single ‘Withering Away and Laughing’ now:
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