guccihighwaters – Releases New Single ‘shame’


Grieves A Lost Love In New Single


guccihighwaters adds another entry to his musical diary with self-produced new single, “shame.”

Over an atmospheric lullaby of delicate piano keys imbued by swelling synths, wistful vocals mourn the heart-wrenching demise of a long-term relationship. Putting his confessional lyricism on blast, gucci explains, “This song is about that disappointing feeling you get in your partner after they give up on you.” He continues, “I wrote and produced this myself and kept it unreleased for a long time. After revisiting it a year after its creation, it hit me like the first time I made it and I realised how raw and honest it was. I hope you enjoy this one, it’s vulnerable.”

Watch the video for “shame” HERE or by clicking the image below.

Depicting the extreme highs and lows of a romantic partnership, the accompanying black and white production video supports the melancholy tone of the storyline. Utilizing rain as symbol of emotional turmoil, it features gucci crooning through the downpour as the couple’s tale unfolds.

As an introverted senior in high school, guccihighwaters (Morgan Murphy) came out of his shell when he started making beats in his bedroom and posting them on SoundCloud, inspired by artists like Bones and Young Lean. Later on he found his voice and started releasing some of those tracks with vocals. Standing out due to his use of classic piano and angelic vocal tone, it gave him an edge of originality within the crowded scene.

An early release, “I Thought I Died Inside” (2017) went viral with over 26 million Spotify streams to date, solidifying his trademark use of vocal reverb and airy production he coins as the “drowned out” sound he’s heavily relied on since his start.  It has evolved to combine crooning vocals and crystalline beats, with much of his music featuring piano which he likes for a dash of nostalgia. Still, the resulting music is fresh and modern, catching the attention of 500K+ monthly Spotify listeners and an ever-growing fanbase. Following multiple EP’s and singles, he dropped his debut album ‘post death’ in 2017, sophomore album ‘jokes on you’ (2021), and ‘heartbreak highway’ EP released this past spring. After sharing single “in the dark” at the end of 2022, he followed up with recent powfu collaboration, “the view from my bathroom window”.