Jessica Lynn Releases a Newly Revamped Fan-Favourite as a Brand-new Single

Jessica Lynn Releases a Newly Revamped Fan-Favourite as a Brand-new Single

Country crossover sensation, Jessica Lynn is delighted to announce the release of her single, ‘Not Your Woman’ today. Originally recorded in 2016, Jessica decided it was time to breathe new life and magic into the track, which has become a cherished favourite amongst her fans.  A chance to record a new take on the track arose this year when Jessica visited Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This Spring, in preparation for her recent tour, Jessica had the privilege of visiting Sweetwater, one of the world’s largest musical gear distributors. The setup boasts the highly regarded Sweetwater Studios, which is renowned for hosting A-List stars.

Jessica was warmly welcomed and their top engineer/producer, Shawn Dealey (known for working with artists like Beth Hart, Counting Crows, and Bootsy Collins), set out to re-record the song with a fresh twist.

It also turned out to be an enlightening experience as part of a student recording workshop, where the participants had the unique opportunity to learn from Shawn and the band, actively participating, providing feedback, and collaboratively crafting the track.

Reflecting on her song, Jessica recalls, “’Not Your Woman’ was written years ago about a bad ex, and since then it has become one of my most recognizable songs as well as one of my personal favourites to play live.  It’s about finding strength to leave a toxic relationship and stand on your own.  ‘Not Your Woman’ has been so special to me that I even released a reimagined version of it in 2021 that turned it into a piano ballad.”

When the chance arose to record at Sweetwater Studios, Jessica felt it was the perfect setting to infuse fresh vim and vitality into the track. The song’s simple yet potent chord structure allowed ample room for creative arrangements and instrumentation, affording the engineer and producer significant artistic freedom during the recording session.

What makes this release stand out is Jessica’s synergy-filled collaboration with the students from the recording workshop that happened to coincide with her visit to Sweetwater Studios.

The experience was both thrilling and nerve-wracking, with numerous individuals in the room witnessing the recording process, offering their insights and feedback. This collective effort injected a surge of positive energy into the studio, resulting in a unique and extraordinary recording session.

Check out Jessica Lynn’s revamped take on ‘Not Your Woman’, out now on all platforms

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