Jessica Lynn Premieres the New Video for Her Latest single The Morning Always Comes

Jessica Lynn Premieres the New Video for Her Latest single The Morning Always Comes

New York country crossover star Jessica Lynn releases the brand-new video for her latest single, The Morning Always Comes’, taken from her eagerly awaited 13-track album ‘Lone Rider’ album (due out on 9th Sept, 2022).

The Morning Always Comes’ is a special song that Jessica is particularly proud of: one which this gifted singer-songwriter picks out as her best work and a personal favourite. It was an eleventh-hour addition to the ‘Lone Rider’: a song sparked by driving inspiration that blended and fused together different influences and genres and that simply demanded to be included on the album.

When I wrote ‘The Morning Always Comes’, I knew it was a song that I had to release,” Jessica remembers, “I was sitting in my living room one afternoon and it just came to me, as if I had sung the lyrics and melody a million times before.  I ran inside and completed the entire arrangement in under 30 minutes.  I remember feeling something very special inside when I had put down my pencil and although my upcoming “Lone Rider” record was already complete, I rushed the band into the studio because I knew this song had to be on it.  I have been anxiously waiting to release the track and music video and am so excited it’s finally here.

“It’s a story of waiting for each night’s sleep to come, because it is the only time you get to be with someone you love, but as much as you want the night to last forever, the morning must unfortunately always come and you have to say goodbye. That’s a feeling that I think everyone can relate to deeply.

“I would describe this new single as Journey meets country music and feel very passionately about combining different styles and genres that I love together, which is one of the reasons why I think I connect with this song so much.”

Over in the USA, the influential magazine American Songwriter observed: “Love has its ups and downs and Jessica Lynn has the soundtrack for your emotional ride.” ‘The Morning Always Comes’ shows the truth of that, capturing a particular aspect of the experience of love, from an unusual, perceptive angle: something Jessica Lynn’s eloquent, evocative songwriting has become increasingly adept at doing.

‘The Morning Always Comes’ adds another facet to the varied, perceptive and feeling-filled takes on love that you’ll find on ‘Lone Rider’, from the euphoric, reckless rush you’ll find in ‘Getaway Car’ and the deftly drawn love triangle of ‘Better Than That’, to the yearning and loss that gets given voice in the power ballad ‘Run To’.

“The music video for ‘The Morning Always Comes’ was one that I had a very specific vision for,” says Jessica, “I searched endlessly for the perfect house and atmosphere to relay the longing and heartbreak in the story that the song tells.  It was a long overnight shoot with many different set-ups and types of lighting to play on the light and dark aspect of the lyrics.  It came out exactly as I had pictured in my mind, and I think it adds a whole other layer to the song itself.  I cannot wait for everyone to see it!

Check out Jessica Lynn’s video for her soaring single, ‘The Morning Always Comes’, and stay tuned for its parent album ‘Lone Rider’ in September; also, news of her accompanying touring.

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