In This Moment // Godmode // Album Review


In This Moment are back with their 8th studio album Godmode, this band stands out for so many reasons, their stunning visuals that accompany their sonic recordings and their rise to the top over an 18-year career that has earned them Grammy nominations (‘The In-Between’ 2021), platinum and gold record sales, multiple Top 25 entries on the Billboard Top 200 (‘Black Widow’ and ‘Ritual’), hits including ‘Whore,’ ‘Blood’ and ‘Adrenalize’, and career streams of more than 1.3 billion.

The album itself is a beautiful collection of hard-hitting, Industrial, Electronica, and banging metal riffage that leaves you begging for more. The complexity of the songwriting creates the most stunning sonic soundtrack, but it is delivered in the most effortless way that its savage and complex nature just slips into the background as you get lost in the ambience created across the ten stellar tracks.

Brink’s vocals demand your attention against the background of pulsating electronica beats, thrashing guitars and ambient sonic fills that all come together to create a glorious sonic feast, how a group of musicians have the foresight to create such gargantuan cinematic-sounding tracks is lost on me, but it must be an incredible journey piecing them together. The whole process from inception to laying down those first ideas and expanding on them pre- and post-production of course can take on a whole other life and once working with a producer can bring the songs to another level, but without those solid foundations that both Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth lay down are the foundations for a great and I mean, GREAT album.

Howorth’s guitar work is stunning, brutal, and hefty the work between the drummer Kent Dimmel and Howorth is mouth-watering! Bone-crushing riffage all backed up with savage drum patterns adds additional weight to the already behemoth sound.

All in all, Godmode is a frantically beautiful collection of songs, a perfect change of pace and direction if you need a pallet cleanser. If you haven’t delved into the world of In This Moment, this could just be the perfect time to get your hands dirty.

Godmode arrives Friday, Oct 27th courtesy of BMG.



  1. Godmode
  2. The Purge
  3. Army Of Me
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Skyburner
  6. Sanctify Me
  7. Everything Starts And Ends With You
  8. Damaged (feat. Spencer Charnas)
  9. Fate Bringer
  10. I Would Die For You


IN THIS MOMENT is: Maria Brink (lead vocals), Chris Howorth (guitars), Travis Johnson (bass), Randy Weitzel (rhythm guitar), Kent Diimmel (drums).



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