GWAR // The New Dark Ages // Album Review


Ever since 1984, GWAR has been creating stunning music that is backed up by theatrical outfits and outrageous stage shows.

Having released 13 studio albums along with two live albums, the band suffered tragedy in 2014 when founding member and frontman Dave Brockie died. Having decided to continue turning the creativity into an all-around entertainment package, here they are again, this time to tell the tale if the Duoverse. In the Duoverse, the band rediscover old powers, encounter new friends and foes and clearly have a lot of fun throughout.

The album itself spans 67 minutes and 15 tracks of some of the best and most entertaining Rock that you will hear. Let’s be fair, you don’t last as long as a band just by having a cool gimmick, you have to be able to back it up, which is something that GWAR are stunning at.

With huge sing-along anthems in abundance, the riffs are blistering, the drums punchy and the vocals massive and every aspect of the output is top drawer and a whole heap of fun. Yes, the output is over the top and as elaborate as you will ever experience but is there any better than music you can just get completely lost in and a visual that is as equally absorbing?

As the songs progress through the album, you go from huge singalong to huge singalong and if you’re new to GWAR you will wonder how you survived without them for so long. The storyline is science fiction at its best and as you catapult through the galactic shock lands you can’t help but have a massive smile on your face.

Whether you’re rocking along with ‘Motherucking Liar’ or ‘Completely Fucked’ you won’t want this experience to end and one of the first things you will do will be to make sure the repeat button is selected to ensure that the album starts straight away.

The New Dark Ages is one of the best all-around albums that I have heard this year and is one that will continue to be a regular go-to. I was looking forward to seeing GWAR at Bloodstock before this album was released but now, I can’t wait to be sprayed by whatever fluids they decide to spurt from whoever, wherever.

If ever there was an album to get you in the mood for the summer, GWAR is about to release it.

Ed Ford

The New Dark Ages will be released on June 3rd 2022




  1. New Dark Age
  2. Blood Libel
  3. Berserker Mode
  4. Motherfucking Liar
  5. Unto The Breach
  6. Completely Fucked
  7. The Cutter
  8. Rise Again
  9. The Beast Will Eat Itself
  10. Venom of the Platypus
  11. Rat Catcher
  12. Bored to Death
  13. Temple Ascwnt
  14. Starving Gods
  15. Deus Ex Monstrum



The New Dark Ages Tracklisting:
1. New Dark Age
2. Blood Libel
3. Berserker Mode
5. Unto the Breach
6. Completely Fucked
7. The Cutter
8. Rise Again
9. The Beast Will Eat Itself
10. The Venom of the Platypus
11. Ratcatcher
12. Bored to Death
13. Death Whistle Suite:
-Temple Ascent
-Starving Gods
-Deus Ex Monstrum
The Black Death Rager World Tour – EU Leg
29/7: Tilburg, NL – 013
31/7: Berlin, DE – SO 26
3/8: Essen, DE – Turock
4/8: Wacken, DE – Wacken*
8/8: Dover, UK – The Booking Hall
9/8: Brighton, UK – Chalk
10/8: Bristol, UK – Fleece
12/8: Catton Park, UK – Bloodstock*
13/8: Norwich, UK – Waterfront
14/8: Leeds, UK – Key Club
16/8: Glasgow, UK – Garage
17/8: Manchester, UK – Club Academy
18/8: London, UK – The Dome
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