Guilt Trip // Severance // Album Review


It’s fair to say that the standard of British Metal is on a huge upward curve, with new bands coming through and pushing the bar higher.

One of these bands is Guilt Trip and for those who may be unaware of the band – firstly give yourself a talking too, secondly get ready to be slapped very hard and very frequently around the face.

The band from Manchester have already graced stages at Bloodstock and Hellfest which was followed up by a Canadian tour and then a run in Europe supporting Stray From The Path.

Swiftly making a huge name on the UK Hardcore scene, I was very excited to hear this when it was on the list before I get to see the band playing alongside Malevolence, Sylosis and Justice For The Damned in November.

Boring shit first – the album is 12 tracks spanning 35 minutes. Now that’s out the way – this is fucking awesome.

From the start, the chugs, the breakdowns, the drums, guitars and vocals – everything goes hard and will knock you into next week.

The opener is a whetting of the appetite and if you are unsure what to expect then this will paint the picture perfectly. The squealing guitars loosen the limbs before We head into ‘Surrounded by Pain’ and things really pick up. Get ready for your arms to start to swing about and you relentlessly and uncontrollably flail about.

These involuntarily movements will continue as the album progresses and they will get more violent as the music gets heavier and goes harder and harder. Please make sure that anything or anyone fragile are moved out of harm’s way as they will be reduced to dust.

To throw you slightly off, the album closer ‘Dusk’ is a stripped back offering and ends the album in a manner than you would not expect however is a great closing to the offering, plus I can guarantee that you will be pressing play again if you haven’t already pressed the repeat button.

Severance is an album that shows how safe the future of British metal is and Guilt Trip are bound to be at the front of the group of bands that are pushing their way to the world scene.

This is an amazing Metallic Hardcore album that is up there with anything else that has been released recently by any band in that arena and I would urge any fan of heavier music to buy this.

Severance will be released Friday 22nd September 2023 via MLVLTD.

Review: Ed Ford




  1. Fallen At My Feet
    2. Surrounded By Pain
    3. Eyes Wide Shut
    4. Sweet Dreams (Ft. Florent Salfati)
    5. Reaching Paradise
    6. Tearing Your Life Away
    7. Broken Wings
    8. The Gates
    9. Sanctified
    10. Hell Will Replace the Rain
    11. Severance
    12. Dusk

November will see them head out to the EU and UK for a string of dates supporting Malevolence, alongside Sylosis and Justice for the Damned.


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