Foul Body Autopsy // Crucifix Dreams // Album Review


Since its formation in 2010 Foul Body Autopsy has been one of the most prolific one-man projects within the UK death metal scene.

With a slew of EPs, Singles & two albums under his sleeve Tom Reynolds has created a solid pillar in the underground with his brand of technical & grotesque style blistering death metal.

Now with his latest release just in time for Halloween “Crucifix Dreams” features a new track featuring some of the best musicians in the metal landscape. It features Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth) on drums, and Steve Di Giorgio (Testament) on bass, with guitar solos being provided by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) and Bobby Koelble (Death) and an eerie spoken word intro from Simon Shaw (Temple of Lies).

The title track of the new EP is a song inspired by the horrific acts of serial killer John George Haigh, known as the Acid Bath Murderer.

And as the track begins the spoken word segment by Simon Shaw really sets the scene. Giving you that feeling of unease & being unnerved.

Quickly Reynolds smashes into the track with fast techy riffs that will blow you away. A great trashy blasting section from Verbeuren gives the track a great dynamic. Reynolds’ low to high screaming vocal really gives the track different tones.

Bringing in that slight melo death sound which really plays into the riffing style. This track really doesn’t pull its punches. Giving you no room to breathe, it’s a constraint barrage. The solo work on this track by LaRocque & Koelble are utterly superb. Really adding that pro mark on the track.

All this fast pace really builds nicely to the final payoff & works so well. A slow, chuggy breakdown that turns up the brutality caps the track nicely & leaves you feeling like you’ve seen a few rounds with Mike Tyson.

The addition on the E.P also contains live tracks from FBA’s appearance when headlining the Leicester Metal 2 The Masses show in April of 2023.

“Synthetic Existence” is a ranger. Reminiscent of the later period Death & Gorguts this track is a brutal feast of blast beats, fast chaotic riffing & a hooky chorus section. A great set opener for sure!

Next track “Born into a Manmade Hell” is a more barbaric affair but still has great melodic moments. A sweeping, black metal style chorus that really breaks up the track from being just one style. Giving the track a great diversity which some one man projects lack.

EP closer & last of the live tracks “Left To Rot”, an earlier track in FBA’s discography still holds a punch. Still strong with Reynolds fast picking & playing skills really make this track a blast. With its closing section turning into this great bass driven breakdown section that feels really inventive & diverse for the genre.

This EP is a great little treat for this Halloween season. Featuring a new punishing track & showcasing what a broad range of abilities Reynolds has as a songwriter & the choice to include some noteworthy legends within metal of course helped build upon an already fantastic songwriters vision!

Crucifix Dreams EP is out on OCTOBER 31st 2023

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Line-up on ‘Crucifix Dreams’:
Tom Reynolds – Guitar/Vocals
Dirk Verbeuren – Drums
Steve Di Giorgio – Bass
Andy LaRocque – Lead Guitar
Bobby Koelble – Lead Guitar
Simon Shaw – Spoken Word

Line-up on additional live tracks:
Tom Reynolds – All vocals and music

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
For fans of: Dark Tranquillity | Carcass | At The Gates | The Absence

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