Dying Fetus // Make Them Beg For Death // Album Review


The reigning purveyors of tech death metal are back! With another huge slab of brutality Dying Fetus unleash their 9th album onto the world!

Recorded in Baltimore with longtime producer Steve Wright and mixed by Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse), “Make Them Beg For Death” marks the next chapter in the band’s cemented legacy.

Ten tracks & just under forty minutes of pure brutality, “Make Them Beg For Death” is firmly a Dying Fetus record through & through.

Opening with “Enlighten Through Agony” with a flurry of new signature chaotic riffs before introducing the track’s main groove. For an opening track, it gives you all you could ever want from DF.

The great back-and-forth vocals from John Gallagher & Sean Beasley are still going firmly, giving the band that texture that rises them above everyone else in the death metal genre. And closing the track out with our first arse beater of a breakdown gives us our first glimpse of what we have in store.

Next up is one of the singles the band dropped before the album’s announcement. “Compulsion for Cruelty” is a true trademark DF track. The slamming hardcore groove with great technical guitar leads & ferocious drumming from the blast master Trey Williams. A great continuation from the last two albums “Reign Supreme” & “Wrong One To Fuck With” the band somehow are still able to write even heavier breakdowns with each records & make them the most memorable in the bands history. And only a band like D.F has the capability to do so.

“Unbridled Fury” is yet another track the band have written that will now be firmly put within the bands “hardest tracks” category. Bringing that hardcore edge of Next Step Up & Merauder with shades of classic death metal DF have created a brilliant track full of fast paced moments that still have tons of groove & rhythm to it. Every riff is memorable & distinctive. All leading up to one of the best moments on the album, as Gallagher rips a fantastic solo that soars into a divebomb before the manic breakdown begins this track is one for the books!

As we head into the second half of the album “Undulating Carnage” feels like a nod to classic DF. A real showcase of just how technically proficient the band are. Interweaving guitar melodies & very simple but effective groove that have the DF stamp. It also gives the listener the chance to hear the organic sound the band have been able to achieve with producer Steve Wright. A raw & thick sound but still with the gut punch of a modern production.

Now they say leave the best to last & closer “Subterfuge” is a perfect blend of the bands whole discography in one track. A real mix of the bands classic sound with their now standfast attack. “Killing on Adrenaline” meets “Descend into Depravity” with this one.

Opening with a hypnotic hammer on riff before the track goes to full speed, then quickly introducing the best mosh riff on the album. A chuggy track full of great guitar & bass moments from Gallagher & Beasley collectively. A nice slow build to the album last few moments & they unleash hell & completely destroy anything that is left in their wake. A true showcase of the mighty power Dying Fetus holds.

Dying Fetus are one of the most consistent bands in the genre. Always pushing the envelope & giving you something exciting with each release.

Another superb lesson in brutality from the kings of technical death metal.

Joseph Mitchell

Make Them Beg For Death is out via Relapse Records on 8th September 2023

Make Them Beg For Death physical pre-orders on LP/Deluxe CD/CD/CS are available here: bit.ly/dyingfetus-mtbfd

Digital Downloads / Streaming / Pre-Save here: orcd.co/dyingfetus-mtbfd

Make Them Beg For Death’s deluxe one-time press CD boxset edition is strictly limited to 2,000 copies worldwide includes CD, woven patch and 18″ x 18″ album art poster all housed in a custom, rigid board box.


1. Enlighten Through Agony

2. Compulsion for Cruelty

3. Feast of Ashes

4. Throw Them in the Van

5. Unbridled Fury

6. When the Trend Ends

7. Undulating Carnage

8. Raised in Victory, Razed in Defeat

9. Hero’s Grave

10. Subterfuge

Previously released videos:

‘Compulsion For Cruelty’: https://youtu.be/eknenF4E72c
‘Unbridled Fury’: https://youtu.be/qLFZmu3keEk

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Vox/guitar: John Gallagher

Bass: Sean Beasley

Drums: Trey Williams

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