DVL // Hush // Album Review


Scottish metallers DVL released “Hush”, their explosive new album on the 27th of May, a heady mix of NWOBHM, hard rock and metalcore.

Ten electrifying tracks that run the gamut of metal/rock to give you some serious listening pleasure. Crunching riffs and drums kick the opener “Among Us” off with style as Ryan Patterson comes in over the top with some killer vocals, a driving drum and bass beat kick the tempo up and while the instruments get heavy AF the vocals keep it in the metalcore style, a monster opening that only gets better as the tracks come. “Dead Man’s Switch” has a menacing feel from the off until it drops as Patterson comes in on vocals to give it a nice soft feel that belies what is to come, when the track hits the chorus it gets seriously heavy with down-tuned guitars and grinding riffs, it goes back and forth throughout, but the intensity and power really kicks up towards the backend of the track where Graham shreds big time with a couple of tasty solos thrown in, one of the best tracks on the album.

“Eternity” is more metalcore than the other tracks as Patterson switches up between clean and screamed vocals to great effect all with a monstrous sound backing him up in the form of a thumping drum, a funky bassline and some amazing guitars, banging it the only word for it. “Dread” is a groove-filled beast with a massive sound, the higher vocals trade off nicely with the lower near guttural tones, and the guitars from both Graham and Paterson are off the chain as they go back and forwards with some tasty riffs while Templeton’s drums lay the bedrock for the whole thing, killer. “Parasomnia” for me is a contender for track of the album with its Maiden style galloping riffs and drums, melodic chorus’ and overall kick-ass sound, a bitchin’ solo towards the end doesn’t do it any harm either, this is near perfection. “The Pitch” comes across like an old-style detective tv show soundtrack with its trumpet and slow languid bluesy pace with Patterson’s croning the icing on the cake. “Hallows” tips along at a nice fast pace with a kicking drum beat, a rumbling bassline and cutting riffs that are interspersed with nifty little solos, Patterson again puts in a fine vocal performance to give you another solid track. “Stranger” is a funky rocker that hits all the right spots, a really infectious beat overlaid with some cool riffs as Patterson strains his vocal cords to the limit, it takes a sinister tone midway through with heavy grinding riffs and thunderous drums, not to mention a ripper solo, as the song plays to a close. “Trial By Fire” runs along at a fair clip with a pounding drum beat and savage riffs that form the foundation of the song, as Patterson does his thing the music just seems to mould around him giving you a hell of a track. Title track “Hush” brings the album to a close, unfortunately, with an all-encompassing effort that has everything and then some, massive vocals that range from clean to metalcore, cutting riffs and crazy solos, a relentless drumbeat that is backed up by a booming bass, this simply put rocks.

Review: Conor

“Hush” is out 27th May and is all killer no filler via Wormholedeath Records

Album Tracklist:

1. Among Us
2. Dead Man’s Switch
3. Eternity
4. Dread
5. Parasomnia
6. The Pitch
7. Hallows
8. Stranger
9. Trial By Fire
10. Hush


Connect with DVL: 

Official Website – https://www.dvlband.com/
YouTube – https://youtube.com/c/DVLBandUK
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DVL.BAND.UK 
Twitter – https://twitter.com/dvlband
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vl.band
TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@dvlband

DVL is:

Ryan Patterson – Vocals
Alan Graham – Lead Guitars
Mark Paterson – Rhythm Guitars
Kevin Choi – Bass Guitar
Lewis Templeton – Drums