DESTRÖYER 666 // Never Surrender // Album Review


Aussie black thrashers DESTRÖYER 666 are back with another raging album “Never Surrender”.

Formed in 1994 by K.K. Warslut and originally as a side project to BESTIAL WARLUST which quickly became the hottest band in the blackened thrash underground.

Their first album “Unchain the Wolves” (1997) saw them kick down the door but the following “Phoenix Rising” saw the band’s status become so huge they had to relocate to the Netherlands so they could keep up with all the planned touring of Europe.

The band haven’t released a full length since 2016’s “Wildfire” which is said to be one of the best of the band’s later discography. Though in early 2022 we were lucky enough to hear the “Guillotine” EP which gave us a brief glimpse into what the band had in store when closing out 2022.

Now with their latest album “Never Surrender” the band gives us one of their most punishing & diverse albums to date.

40 minutes of no thrills blackened thrash full of top-notch guitar work, blistering drums & eardrum-shattering vocals.

The album opener & title track “Never Surrender” unleashes a soaring melodic riff. As an opener, this track catches your attention quickly. Phenomenal lead sections interplay together while a steady but groovy back beat keeps the track moving forward hard & fast.

KK still kept his vocal style from “Wildfire” a slightly more polished & clean tone. More thrash & less blackened but makes for more memorable chorus vocal hooks.

“Guillotine” shows that the first half of the album has this fantastic thread throughout. Harking back to more 80s classic metal with a larger, more open sound.

The midpoint of the album “Mirror’s Edge” brings back the harder edge of DESTRÖYER 666 bestial side. Still keeping the heavy melody this track is a rager. Back up vocals layered to give this track a punch & yet again brilliant lead work on this track.

The stand-out track for me on the album is “Savage Rights”. The band’s most primal & early sounding. It would have been nice to have this track higher in the tracklist but it’s a must-listen. KKs lyrics & vocal delivery are a lot brasher & darker which adds great tonality to the album.

DESTRÖYER 666 are a consistent band. “Never Surrender” fits perfectly with the latter half of the band’s discography but shows if you dig deep enough the band still have the raw, unbridled aggression since their early days.

DESTRÖYER 666‘s brand new offering ‘Never Surrender’ will hit the street tomorrow, December 02. The album can already be streamed in full HERE.

Joseph Mitchell

Deströyer 666
03/03/2023    Helvete, Oberhausen (DE)
04/03/2023    In Theatrum Denoninum, Denain (FR)
05/03/2023    Ferrailleur, Nantes (FR)
06/03/2023    Backstage, Paris (FR)
07/03/2023    Grillen, Colmar (FR)
08/03/2023    Rock ‘n Eat, Lyon (FR)
10/03/2023    Traffic Club, Rome (IT)
11/03/2023    Stige Fest, Parma (IT)
12/03/2023    Orto Bar, Ljubljana (SI)
13/03/2023    Viper Room, Vienna (AT)
14/03/2023    Kamienna 12, Krakow (PL)
15/03/2023    Hydrozagadka, Warsaw (PL)
16/03/2023    U Badzyla, Poznan (PL)
17/03/2023    Club Seilerstrasse, Zwickau (DE)
18/03/2023    Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
19/03/2023    Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)

DESTRÖYER 666 will be playing in support of their freshly released album ‘Never Surrender’. The cover artwork, which is created by Alex Kemp, can be found below along with the track-list and further album details.

1. Never Surrender (3:47)
2. Andraste (3:51) [LISTEN]
3. Guillotine (3:24) [WATCH]
4. Pitch Black Night (4:43)
5. Mirror’s Edge (4:48)
6. Grave Raiders (5:01)
7. Savage Rights (3:59)
8. Rather Death (4:52)
9. Batavia’s Graveyard (5:46)
Total: 40:11

With this offering, DESTRÖYER 666 takes no prisoners!

Style: Black Thrash

KK: guitars, vocals
Ro: guitars, vocals
Felipe: bass
Perra: drums

Cover art: Alex Kemp


Available formats:
Digipak CD
Clamshell Box
Vinyl in various colours